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*****Bjork - Selmasongs -from her fantastic sad musical '"Dancer in the Dark" (DON'T MISS!!)*****

**Psychelatte says: This is really a plug for her film, the album doesn't mean much without seeing the powerfully sad film the songs come from, so I IMPLORE YOU to see it! (There is a link below to watch the entire film on Youtube). It is so beautiful & amazing, and so is the music.

"I've Seen it All"


(If you prefer the movie versions of the above 2 songs, (which I do), then
you can download the Free Youtube to MP3
, which will extract the audio from the video for a perfect mp3!)

This is the amazing sad musical starring Bjork as a poor Czech factory girl, in love with musicals, who's going blind, working all hours to pay for an operation for her son so that he doesn't have to go blind too.

You can watch the whole film now on Youtube, in 14 parts, starting from here:

Dancer in the Dark, part 1/14

Youtube viewer reactions:

-No matter how many times I see this scene, I still cry. Brilliantly acted and very powerful NeoEvangelion (2 years ago)
I'm hysterically crying...there are tears all over my keyboard. I feel so sad and sort of nauseous...this is such an amazing movie. I can't even describe it... princedepressia (2 years ago)

-Oh god I can't stop crying... I just can´t Bj√∂rk is such a great actress. I can feel the pain like I actually know her character personally. Thank you so much for uploading the movie ChildofFangorn (2 years ago)

-I've _never_ cryed this much for a movie before in my entire life. So sad .AinaaAzhar (2 years ago)

-It's weird. I can't cry. I'm shaken and nauseous and shaken and... purtiepoppies (2 years ago)

-OMG I'm bawling my eyes out right now. That was the saddest film I have ever seen. It was so amazing though. joyoust (2 years ago)

-I saw this years ago and just found it last week. But, I could not bring myself to see it again until tonight. It is an amazing performance from Bjork, her music is beautiful, and as she has decided not to make another film, we've lost
a excellent actress. I cannot think of another film as devastating as this. I don't think I can watch it again. maxyboy44 i --

just whatched the whole movie, thanks so much for uploading.

-first time i saw this movie i cried like somekind of*tearmachine*...which
means that it is a freaking good movie," cephalicus/

-i watched this moving knowing only how much i love Bjork- other then that, i didn't know anything about it. It wrecked me for about 3 days. The most brilliantly heartbreaking thing i've ever encountered.Bjork is magical." codifiedmatter

01. Overture
02. Cvalda [W catherine Deneuve
03. I've Seen It All [W. Thom Yorke]
04. Scatterheart
05. In The Musicals
06. 107 Steps [W siobhan Fallon]
07. New World [W Massive Attack]


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

***Halfnelson (pre-Sparks) A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing -very rare '68 charming, whimsical Psych-pop Demo album, excellent fun!***

**Psychelatte says: this is a super early psych-pop bit of fun from the U.S band that later became the well-known glam-rock legends called Sparks. This demo version of the album is DIFFERENT from the official Halfnelson release a few years later, with completely different (and in my opinion, better) songs. If you like Syd Barrett sounding songs (with the occasional operatic tendency!) Plus lots of swirling organ, you'll LOVE this! I can't see that it has been featured on any other blogspots offering Psych, so I'm very happy to oblige! xxx

Ron Mael Russ Mael and Earle Mankey made quite a lot of home recordings during the late 60's and the most famous one was the Halfnelson's "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" demo (not to be confused with the second official Sparks' Bearsville album). The band was Russell Mae(vocals & bass), Ron Mael (keyboards), Earle Mankey (guitar & vocals) All the songs had been written by the Maels. There are two songs on this demo, which were early versions of songs : " The War" available later on the official Bearsville release. The demo album was produced by Earle Mankey who also sang " Mountain". More info here. The demo version of the album was packaged in a large rectangular box resembling a restaurant checkbook. A hand-written bill for " $100,000 For One Halfnelson Album" was scrawled on the checkbook. Inside were photos, a bio, and the vinyl disc.

Songs :
Chile Farm Farney /
Johnny's Adventure /
Roger / Arts & Crafts Spectacular
/ Landlady /
The Animals At Jason's Bar & Grill /
Big Rock Candy Mountain /
Millie /
Saccharin And The War /
Join The Firm /
Jane Church /
The Factory

60's Sparks!:-D

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Krokodil -Swamp (1970 Krautrock)(apparently)-Very majestic & melodic anyway!!


1. Get Your Personality Together
2. Light Of Day
3. Sunlights Beautiful Daughter
4. Tell Me What You Want (Tell Tale)
5. Blue Flashing Circle
6. Snow White And Blue
7. Human Bondage
8. Gipsy Man - Bonus Track
9. That's What I Do - Bonus Track
10. Stehaufmadchen (Trailer) - Bonus Track


*****The Eyes of Blue -In Fields of Ardath- (1969) WONDERFUL PSYCH ALBUM, GREAT TUNES AND ATMOSPHERE!!***

**Psychelatte says: I LOVE THIS PSYCH ALBUM!! I've played it non-stop since I found it. Much more interesting and spellbinding than their first. Please give it a try!!

Wyndham Rees was eased out of the Eyes Of Blue before the spring of 1969, having reputedly contributed little to the band. He was present during most of the Chappell Studios early recording sessions for the group's second album 'In Fields Of Ardath' but was gone by the time they gravitated to more modern eight-track facilities. It was released in November and is generally regarded as the more successful and 'progressive' of the two albums released under the Eyes Of Blue name. Quincy Jones supplied the sleevenotes this time, and commented; "All the ethnic qualities which I had recalled about the people of Wales were manifest in that tape. There was a native sensuality in their playing. Eyes Of Blue was musically curious." The record has also been described as having "Pop, R&B jazz, classical, psychedelic and Eastern influences." A fair sprinkling one must admit."

(side 1)
01. Merry Go Round (From the Film Toy-Grabbers) (Ritchie Francis) 9:13
02. The Light We See (Gary Pickford-Hopkins) 2:19
03. Souvenirs (Tribute To Django) (instrumental) (Django Reinhard – S. Grapelly) 2:49
04. Ardath (John Weathers) 2:45
05. Spanish Blues (Graham Bond) 4:06

(side 2)
01. Door (The Child That Is Born On the Sabbath Day) (Rhil Ryan) 6:53
02. Little Bird (Ritchie Francis) 2:42
03. After the War (Gary Pickford-Hopkins) 3:40
04. Extra Hour (Phil Ryan) 2:40
05. Chances (Ritchie Francis) 3:06


The Eyes of Blue -Crossroads of Time (U.K 1968)


By rights, The Eyes of Blue should have an exalted place in the pantheon of art-rock and progressive rock bands. They were around before almost all of them, and doing film work and making music in a jazz-rock fusion idiom before the latter had been understood, and they were signed to two major labels in succession, Deram and Mercury. Instead, except for drummer John Weathers, who later joined Gentle Giant, The Eyes Of Blue are scarcely remembered at all. The Eyes of Blue started out as a jazz and rhythm-and-blues oriented outfit (Graham Bond wrote the notes for their first album), doing songs in that vein as well as less well suited material such as "Yesterday." The group was initially signed to Decca's progressive rock imprint Deram Records, and cut a series of excellent but neglected singles, and then moved to Mercury, where they concentrated on albums, enjoying greatest musical if not commercial success. They were taken seriously enough to collaborate with Quincy Jones on the score of the movie Toy Grabbers, and the group actually managed to appear in the movie Connecting Rooms. Their early strength lay in r&b-based material, including Bond's "Love Is The Law," "Crossroads of Time," and "7 and 7 Is," but even on their first album The Eyes of Blue showed some Eastern influences Their second album had some tracks off of the first film score as well as one Graham Bond song, but is more experimental, with extended instrumental passages and some classical music influences. In late 1968, The Eyes of Blue backed Buzzy Linhart on a self-titled album. The Eyes of Blue rated a supporting act spot at the Marquee Club in London in 1969, but the group's days were numbered, given the lack of their success as a recording outfit. Phil Ryan later played in Man, and John Weathers joined Pete Brown and Piblokto! on the Harvest label, before jumping to Gentle Giant.
~ By Bruce Eder, All Music Guide.
The Eyes debut album 'Crossroads Of Time' was eventually released early in 1969. It included two Graham Bond R&B songs (Bond also wrote the sleevenotes) 'Love Is The Law' and 'Crossroads Of Time' which was especially written for the band. It also included an interesting version of Love's '7 + 7 Is' while The Beatles' 'Yesterday' is given a treatment suggesting something of a jazz hymn. Ritchie Francis claimed the remaining songs of which 'Inspiration For A New Day' is noteworthy and 'Prodigal Son', which features some psychedelic guitar work from Ray 'Taff' Williams. 'Largo' is an arrangement of the Handel piece by Ritchie Francis and he claimed this was indicative of the way the group were going.
Following on from their earlier collaboration with Buzzy Linhart, the Eyes also worked with Quincy Jones when they contributed to the unreleased 'Toy Grabbers' film score. Later they also appeared in the film 'Connecting Rooms' as well as playing on the soundtrack, but the film wasn't given a general release in the UK.

Formed: Neith, United Kingdom

*Ritchie Francis (guitar),
*Gary Pickford Hopkins (vocals),
*Phil Ryan (keyboards),
*Windham Rees (drums),
*Ray Williams (bass),
*R. Bennett (bass),
*Jign Weathers (drums).

Related Artists:
Pete Brown & Piblokto!, Gentle Giant, Big Sleep, Man, Wild Turkey

01. Crossroads of Time 5:00
02. Never Care 3:18
03. I'll Be Your Friend 3:48
04. 7 + 7 Is 2:32
05. Prodigal Son 5:27
06. Largo 3:14
07. Love Is the Law 5:16
08. Yesterday 4:22
09. I Wonder Why 3:13
10. World of Emotion 2:48
11. Inspiration for a New Day 3:09


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

***Rare 1969 South African Psych -very melodic & intense!***