Monday, 21 November 2011

****Shin Jung Hyun & The Men- It's a Lie -blistering Korea psych 1972- made to be played LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!!****
"Shin Jung-Hyeon is the Godfather of Korean pop/rock. He started his musical career in 1955. In those days, immediately after the Korean War, there were few musicians. At 1957 he could play at the US army in Korea. His psychedelic play fascinated US soldiers, and some record company asked him to make an LP. His 1st band Add 4 constructed in 1962. Add 4 is the first rock band in Korea. After the time SJH started to make hit songs. Kim Jeong Mi, Park In Su, Pearl Sisters, Kim Chu Ja, Im A Yeong, Jang Hyeon and other singers debuted with the support of Shin Jung Hyeon. They debuted with his hit songs and he became the biggest power in Ga Yo scene."


1. Beautiful Country 9:56
2. It's A Lie 22:15
3. A Woman In The Mist 11:32