Friday, 11 September 2009

Zao - Z=7L

Zao was the very first offshoot band of Magma. Founded by former members Francois Cahen (keyboards) and Yochk'o Seffer (woodwinds) who both played on 1001 Degrees Centigrade, their debut was recorded in August 1973. Z=7L obviously has much in common with Magma's sound(though a bit lighter and jazzier) especially with the addition of an equally deranged vocalist, Mauricia Platon. Mauricia sounded like an opera singer from another planet, and on this one she certainly gave Zao that unique punch. Sadly, she didn't end up sticking around after this, and the band's subsequent output wasn't quite as distinctive as it is here. The songs themselves are expertly played fusion. "Marochsek," the moody opener, gives you a pretty good summary of what you can expect. My favorite track is the Cahen-composed "Atart," a whirling tornado of jazz-rock in 9/8 with a ferocious, seductive Fender Rhodes riff. Z=7L is a great purchase for lovers of the Zeuhl movement who wish to explore outside of Magma, and also for fusion fans. review by Joe McGlinchey — undated


1 Marochse
2 Atatur
3 Ronach
4 Atar
5 La Soupe
6 Satanyi

ZAO 1973 - Z=7L.rar