Sunday, 16 October 2011

***Som Imaginario- Som imaginario (Brazil 1971)***

Som Imaginario is considered a Jazz band, but others say that Som Imaginario is a progressive band. let's say that Som Imaginario is Rock with Jazz and Progressive influences. They released three LPs; this is the second one with Wagner Tiso (piano), Luiz Alves (bass), Robertinho Silva (drums), Frederiko (guitar) and Tavito (guitar), all renowned musicians with successful careers after dismissing the band. Thanks Mr. G. for another fine release. Tracks include:

01 - Cenouras (Frederiko)
02 - Você Tem Que Saber (Chico Lessa / Márcio Borges)
03 - Gogó (O Alívio Rococó) (Wagner Tiso / Frederiko)
04 - Ascenso (Frederiko / Fernando Brant)
05 - Salvação Pela Macrobiótica (Frederiko)
06 - Uê (Chico Lessa / Márcio Borges)
07 - Xmas Blues (Frederiko)
08 - A Nova Estrela (Wagner Tiso / Frederiko)


Saturday, 15 October 2011

***The Aggregation - Mind Odyssey -us 1967***

Formed: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Members: * LeWayne Braun (guitar, vocals), * Dale Burt (organ, piano, vocals), * Bayard Gregory (drums, timpani, bongos, tambourine, vocals), * Richard Jones (rhythm guitar, vocals), * Leo Potts (flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, kazoo, vocals), * Bill Sissoev (bass, trombone, vocals), * Lemoyne Taylor (flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, slide whistle, vocals).


A1. The Lady at the Gate 4:45
A2. Looking for the Tour Guide 2:13
A3. The Long Windy Tunnel 6:15
A4. Flying Free 3:05
A5. White Light 2:00
B1. In the Garden 3:05
B2. Reflections 2:55
B3. The City of Toys and Games 3:23
B4. Change 2:50
B5. Life's Light 6:00

One of the greatest US psych records with a dreamy, surreal quality of the super rare lone psychedelic lp from the band 'Aggregation'. The music is sophisticated and controlled, replacing the teenage mantra that had charged rock'n'roll with a wider palette drawing on cool jazz, movie soundtracks, light classical music and easy listening. ~ by dj fanis. ------------------------

This group of talented and diverse musicians played Disneyland in the late '60s and was picked up for this one excellent Concept album by Lee Hazlewood on his LHI label in 1968. 'Unusual and atmospheric early art-rock/psych item based on an acid trip amusement park concept from classically trained band who held a residency at Disneyland! This LP could be seen as a precursor to those extraordinary 1970s private press artefacts, and reveals its classiness and coherence over time. Worth investigating ~ (Internet Source).


Saturday, 8 October 2011

***Som Imaginario-S/T -1970 Brazilian Tropicalia Psych prog-psych***

This was Som Imaginario’s (Imaginary Sound) debut album from 1970. A Brazilian band that often backed the great Milton Nascimento just as Os Mutantes had backed Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso on their early albums. In fact, this album could be seen as the perfect companion piece to Os Mutantes’ 1969 masterpiece, A Divina Comedia Ou Ando Meio Desligado.

The band’s name is very fitting, Som Imaginario is an invigorating blend of folk, soul, psychedelia, brit influenced pop, rock and Brazilian homeland music. For a debut album, the band sounds extremely confident and wild, steaming and cooking thru the album (and there are no duff tracks either!!).

Morse opens the album on a funky note, with blasts of fuzz guitar and swirling organ. The next song, Super-God has some great use of wah-wah and distorted vocals. Milton Nascimento guests on the mysterious Pantera, which is another highlight with a bomb explosion intro. Nascimento’s voice is highly original and experimental and adds depth to an already good composition. The two songs in English, Poison and Make Believe Waltz, are also very good, soulful folky ballads.


An essential psychedelic album and a must for fans of Tropicalia. Som Imaginario released a few albums during the progressive rock era which are also highly recommended but reissues are criminally unavailable.

***Modulo 1000 - 1972 Complete-Works-fantastic Brazilian Prog Rock/Psych - Ultra Rare***

Module 1000 is a hard rock group from Rio formed in 1969, which was short-lived. The quartet followed by a heavy line with clear influences from Black Sabbath and a touch of psychedelia a la Pink Floyd. Composed by Daniel (vocals, guitar), Louis Paul (organ), Eduardo (bass) and Candinho (drums), Module 1000 had on his resume participation in the V International Song Festival and the launch of a single album in 1971 that Today is a valuable item for dealers rare LPs. In the 1990s, a record collector of Rio de Janeiro bought the rights from the module 1000 and made Top Tape LP on CD with a limited number of copies (500 copies).

Reprint this stunning album uncertain Brazil since 1970. I really wild, psychotic, exotic, psychedelic progressive beast of Brazil - all these attributes, an extreme form of Long freaked-out songs driven by fury and massive organ fuzz - attacks WahWah guitar, distorted vocals was also added (Portuguese lyrics) that creep deep within the skull - one of the best the world has generally come with the original sound quality amazing three times the coverage is incredible remastered expanded edition of 8 recordings from the years 1970-1972. The only album (serious money worth in the original vinyl) from perfect, the Brazilian formation, playing catchy, rock (prog) heavy, psychedelic-influenced omnipresent. Distorted guitars, rhythms change and Hammond B3 organ sound massive ........ Undoubtedly one of the coolest albums and most original of South America - Brazil.


Friday, 7 October 2011

***Various Artists - Posições (Brazilian 1970s Bliss!)***

VA - Posições
Brazil - 1971

Amazing Brazilian Compilation Ep from the early 70s featuring the best of the Brazilian Avant-Tropicalia Scene. Incredible recordings that seem to have been all recorded in the same studio. It all sounds very consistent for a compilation of this era.

Mind blowing stuff!

One of the remarkable factors inBrazilian music during the early 70’s was the experimentalism. The lack and inversion of rules and as well as the freedom’s idealism echoed from Europe and the United States and entered in Brazil. Here we see this factor in bands that appeared between the end of the 60’s and the first years of the 70’s. Bands consolidated inRio de Janeiro; influenced by the “carioca” way, some jazz sources and by the psychedelic rock.

In 1971 the Odeon launched a collectiveLP, "Posições“( Positions), with four new bands. One Som Imaginario (Imaginary Sound) was not unknown (with one record from the last year); the others A Tribo (The Tribe) , Equipe Mercado (Market Team) and Modulo 1000 (Module1000) were pretty new bands, and from this record didn’t get so far, as bands. As musicians many of the participants of the bands, mostly from A Tribo and Som Imaginario, became very famous, with long term carriers.

A TRIBO (1971)
A Tribo was a band formed by beginning young musician’s : the Carioca singer Joyce, the violinist Nelson Angelo and the guitarist ToninhoHortafrom Minas Gerais , the bass player Novelliand the percussionist Naná Vasconcelos from Pernambuco. Nana and Nelson Angelo were playing in the Free Quarteto, a mix of Bossa Nova and Jazz quartet.In 1970, the two musicians joined the Luiz Eça and Sagrada Family band. There they met the singer Joyce. Nana, Nelson and Joyce called ToninhoHortaand Novelliand formed the Tribe. Together they made some compositions of they own and played covers from Milton Nascimento and Danilo Caymmi. In 70 they were at the V International Festival of the Song with “Onoceonoekoto” (Nelson Angelo). The same year they participated in the collective “Posições” and also recorded a Compact Disc. The sound from A Tribo is very interesting. It discloses the symbiosis of rising talents with the voice of Joyce, Novelli's bass, the arrangements of Nelson Angelo, the guitar of Toninho Horta and the creativity and improvisation of Naná Vasconcelos, who after some months left the band for a solo career. Nenê replaced him. However the band did not last very much beyond 1972, but all the band’s participants had a verysuccessfulcarrer after that.

EQUIPE MERCADO (1971) EQUIPE MERCADO was a band created in Rio de Janeiro during 1970. The band had a verycreative and illustrious singer, Diana, allied with the songwriter Stul (guitar, piano and voice); Leugruber (guitar), RicardoGinsburg (guitar), Carlos Graça (battery) and Ronaldo Periassu (percussion). The band was influenced greatly by psicodelic rock, but it also abided by the Brazilian melodic lyricism. Beyond the participation in the collective “Posições” the group released a compact with the music: “Campos de Arroz” and “Side b rock” in the same year. The band ended the same year. In 1972 Diana and Stul launched another compact disc, presenting themselves as a couple, but, unfortunately they didn’t record anything else.

MODULO 1000 (1971) MODULO 1000 was a quartet formed by Daniel (guitar andvocals, Luis Pablo (guitar), Eduardo(bass), Candinho (battery) in Rio De Janeiro in 69'. Dispite its short duration it left a great influence for the progressive rock bands that were to follow. Modulo 1000 mixed blues, rock and a touch of ballad. The participation of the band in the “V International Festival of the Song” culminated with a compact launched by Odeon with: “Big Mamma” and “Isto Não Quer Dizer Nada”. Still in 70' they would participated in the collective “Posições”. In 72', they launched the only LP of the history of the band, the cult: “Não Fale Com as Paredes “(“Do not speak with the Walls”).

SOM IMAGINÁRIO (1971) In 1971 SOM IMAGINARIO debuteda new record, without the singer and pianistZé Rodrix that followed to play with Sá and Guarabira. As well as the previous record (commented in the Saudosas Bolachas/1970) it was directed by Zé Rodrix, in this new one was directed by the Frederiko. The guitarist occupies this rank and so, the record is presents much more dense and radical that the first one; and the most anarchical possible. At this time, the record does not give many concessions commercial standards. The record opts to a sonorous radicalization. Breaking for dissonance and hardcore. The record has the preciosism of Wagner Tiso keyboard , Luiz Alves (bass), Robertinho Silva (battery), Frederiko (guitar) and Tavito (guitar). From this record “Som Imaginario” (1971) Odeon Records used the song: “Nova Estrela” (Wagner Tiso/Frederyko) to place in the collective “Posições”.

01. Kyrie - "A Tribo"
02. Marina Belair - "Equipe Mercado"
03. Curtíssima - "Módulo 1000"
04. A Nova Estrela - "Som Imaginário"
05. Ferrugem E Foligem - "Módulo 1000"
06. Peba & Pobó - "A Tribo"