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ITEM #1The Third Eye -Awakening (1969 South African Psych)

From the legendary hard rocking South African psych rock scene, alongside such greats as Freedom’s Children, and Suck, comes The Third Eye. Awakening is the Third Eye’s debut full length, originally released in 1969, and is a masterful and complex album of late sixties South African heavy psych, featuring fuzzed out guitars, great brass arrangements and virtuosic organ work, provided by the young Dawn Selby, who, at the time of recording was all of 14 years old! Awakening comes (LP) in a deluxe, super thick gatefold package, and is STRICTLY limited to 500 copies worldwide!


01.All along the watchtower
02.Lost boy
03.Valley of sadness
04.Apricot brandy
05.Magic handkerchief
06.Love is a beautiful thing
07.My head spins round
08.Snow child
09.Morning dew
10.Society's child

The Third Eye:
*Ronnie Selby: Lead Guitar
*Maurice Saul: Vocals, Lead Guitar
*Dawn Selby: Piano, Hammond Organ
*Robbie Pavid: Drums
*Mike Sauer: Six String Bass



*ITEM #2
Ill Wind -Flashes (US 1968)

Top West Coast Sounding Psych. although they belong to the Boston Sound of 1968 (along with Beacon Street Union and Ultimate Spinach). Electric Folk Acid Rock that fits perfectly between Jefferson Airplane, Neighb’rhood Childr’n and Peanut Butter Conspiracy in sound. They never made it big because, from what I remember from reading Goldmine, the LP Was PULLED-OFF the Market because “High Flying Bird” was put to vinyl with a brief bit of silence towards the end of the song.

A second Press was made with the flaw corrected, but by this time the LP could never gain back it’s momentum (the first press must be RARE). That being said: ILL WIND has a Dark, Edgy Acid Folk sound with Great Moody guitar work noodling throughout the music especially on the fragile, haunting ” Sleep”, “Dark World”, “People of the Night”, “Walking and Singing”, “Hung Up Chick”, and the Creepy, Monkish chanting “Full Cycle”. Very Highly Recommended for that Type of sound. (fourthhostcelestials RYM)

Track Listing

1. Walking And Singing
2. People Of The Night
3. Little Man
4. Dark World
5. L A P D
6. High Flying Bird
7. Hung Up Chick
8. Sleep
9. Full Cycle


*ITEM #3 Skip Bifferty - The Story of Skip Bifferty

(review from Late Sixties Pop/Rock, 13 Aug 2008 This review is from: The Story of Skip Bifferty (Audio CD)

This double CD is about as complete a Skip Bifferty compilation as you are ever likely to get. It includes all three singles, their lone 1967 album plus, unreleased studio tracks and later singles when the band were known as Heavy Jelly and later still as Griffin. It also includes all the available BBC recordings. Skip Bifferty were a stellar British underground band from the late sixties who were championed by the late, great underground DJ John Peel. Their sound features the strong Stevie Winwood-esque vocals of Graham Bell as well as excellent harmonies by the rest of the band. The 14 tracks on their sole LP are jaw-dropping, featuring spare guitar licks, a kick arse rhythm section and supreme piano parts by Micky Gallagher. The songs are very catchy indeed and stay in your head for days. It features rockers such as the opening 'Money Man', compelling ballads like 'Come Around', wispy flower-power tracks like 'Orange Lace' and the Cilla Black covered 'Follow The Path Of The Stars' which is a very dynamic performance. There are also plenty of great psychedelic moments on the album such as 'Inside The Secret' and 'Time Track'. It's incredible this album isn't more widely known. As previously mentioned it also features their singles, including the near hit 'On Love' and Spencer Davis Group soundalike 'Man In Black'. The second disc is a bit more hit and miss, mainly because the sound quality on the BBC recordings is poor, although this should not detract from the quality of the performances which are good. Also the Heavy Jelly single is a highlight of the package, all eight minutes of it! Basically even if the second disc was disposed of it would be well worth getting this album if you are a fan of sixties pop/rock.

Musicians: Graham Bell: vocals (all)
Mickey Gallagher: keys (1-37)
Tommy Jackman: drums (1-35)
Colin Gibson: bass (all)
John Turnbull: guitar, vocals (1-37)
Alan Hull: vocals (21, 22)
Paul Nicholls: drums (36, 37)
Pete Kirtley: guitar (38-40)
Kenny Craddock: organ (38-40)
Alan White: drums (38-40)


Disc 1 -The Album

1. Money Man [Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher/Gibson/Jackson]
2. Jeremy Carabine [Bell/Turnbull/Gibson]
3. When She Comes to Stay [Turnbull/Bell]
4. Guru [Bell/Gallagher]
5. Come Around [Bell/Gallagher/Turnbull]
6. Time Track [Bell/Turnbull]
7. Gas Board Under Dog (Part 1) [Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
8. Inside the Secret [Bell]
9. Orange Lace [Bell/Turnbull]
10. Planting Bad Seeds [Smith/Gallagher/Turnbull/Bell]
11. Yours for at Least 24 [Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
12. Follow the Path of the Stars [Smith/Bell/Gallagher]
13. Prince of Germany the First [Gibson/Turnbull]
14. Clearway 51 [Bell/Gibson/Gallagher] Bonus tracks
15. Man in Black [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher; arr. Steve Marriott]
16. On Love [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
17. Cover Girl [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
18. Happy Land [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
19. Reason to Live [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
20. Round and Round [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher] Alan Hull/Skip Bifferty
21. This We Shall Explore [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
22. Schizoid Revolution [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]

Disc 2 -BBC Sessions

23. The Hobbit [Turnbull]
24. Man in Black [Gibson/Turnbull/Gallagher/Bell]
25. Once [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
26. Aged Aged Man [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
27. Higher Than the Clouds [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
28. The Lion & the Unicorn [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
29. Disappointing Day [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
30. Money Man [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
31. I Don't Understand It [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
32. Don't Let Me Be Understood [Benjamin/C/M]
33. In the Morning [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
34. Follow the Path of the Stars [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher]
35. When She Comes to Stay [Gibson/Bell/Turnbull/Gallagher] Heavy Jelly
36. I Keep Singing the Same Old Song [Gibson]
37. Blue [Bell] Griffin
38. I am the Noise in Your Head [Kirtley/Gibson/Craddock]
39. Don't You Know [Kirtley]
40. Shine (BBC Session) [Bell/Gibson/Craddock]

Notes: (***) Tracks (20)-(22) and (40) are previously unreleased. I presume the writing credit on track (1) is in error and should be Jackman rather than Jackson.

*LINKS IN TITLE!! (Note TWO LINKS! One for each cd!)