Sunday, 27 November 2011

***Timur Selcuk Orkestrasi -S/T Turkish Anatolian music- great stuff!! ***

Timur Sel├žuk (born 2 July 1946, Istanbul) is a renowned Turkish singer, pianist, conductor and composer.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

****He 6 -A Go Go! - Go Go Sound '71: Vol. 1 & 2,2LP boxset,1971/2004, Psychedelia,Korea****

"Recorded in, yay, 1971, pressed in a ridiculously limited (promotion only) quantity of 300 copies each, and subsequently all but forgotten, these two records by Korean psychedelic groovesters the HE 6 are some gems indeed! With the exception of the closing side-long seventeen minute cover of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (which faithfully does indeed include the obligatory drum solo as per the original version, along with what sounds like a police siren and also an added *flute* solo!) all the tracks on the two albums Go Go Sound '71 vol. 1 and Go Go Sound '71 vol. 2 included here are instrumental jams -- numbered themes with titles like "Theme 2. 4/4 for Guitar" and "Theme 3. Running Human". And even "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" is mostly instrumental of course.Listening to the other tracks on this disc it makes sense that they would choose Iron Butterfly's opus as the sole tune to cover. Like that tune, all of their originals are extended jams led by fuzzed-out electric guitar and Hammond organ. In addition, the aforementioned flute gets a workout too. (Yet another victory for the flute, so often mistakenly perceived as diminutive instrument! But the flute can certainly hold its own in this heavy, groovy, acid-rock band.) And it's crucial to mention that HE 6's rhythm section is darn tight! Indeed, this stuff's funky enough that we're sure they were probably just as much influenced by James Brown's band The JB's as they were by the likes of the Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly. If not so obscure, we're sure this would have been plundered by DJs looking for the swank breaks... who knows, maybe hip hop producers in Korea have done so? So, very much recommended to all you folks into these sorta swinging '60s/'70s sounds -- especially if you dig the Cambodian Rocks and Thai Beat comps!
Excellent weird LPs to blow your mind and set your psychedelic "love in"(!)) party to fire!"


****Picchio Dal Pozzo - Picchio Dal Pozzo (fantastic Italian Prog fusion freakout!!1976)****

"A wonderful release that has always kept me on my toes and been quite an inspiration, Picchio dal Pozzo's self-titled release is a hidden gem in the Canterbury scene, filled with inspiring lines and one of the most wonderful psych tracks these ears have come across. Although perhaps not as essential as Gong's most famous of works, this is wonderful material.Essentially, I am drawn to this album from the psychedelic Seppia, which has a groove for about 4 minutes that I quite simply call the coolest groove ever. Man, is it fun. Think of it as a musical high, with cosmic influences and effervescent vocals and a pounding distorted line that you can't help but move along with. This differs quite much from other famous Italian works and so it should be noted as soon, as this shares much more connection to bands like Gong and the like than it does to Le Orme, Museo Rosenbach, and etc.The variety of instruments, stunning effects, and sense of style are more than enough to make this record something to hold onto. I can almost guarantee that those with a love of Canterbury and an ear for experimentation will be enthralled with this release. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be impressed. " - (OpethGuitarist - ProgArchives)

- Andrea Beccari / bass, horn, percussion, voice
- Aldo De Scalzi / keyboards, percussion, voice
- Paolo Griguolo / guitar, percussion, voice
- Giorgio Karaghiosoff / percussion, voice

- Guests:
- Fabio Canini / drums on 5,6, percussion on 3,5,7
- Vittorio De Scalzi / flute on 3,8
- Leonardo Lagorio (CELESTE) / contralto sax on 5,7
- Gerry Manarolo / guitar on 7
- Carlo Pascucci / drums on 5,7
- Ciro Perrino (CELESTE) / xylophone on 3

1. Merta (3:18)
2. Cocomelastico (4:23)
3. Seppia (10:16)
4. Bofonchia (0:51)
5. Napier (7:23)
6. La Floricultura Di Tschincinnata (4:22)
7. La Bolla (4:29)
8. Off (4:4


Monday, 21 November 2011

****Shin Jung Hyun & The Men- It's a Lie -blistering Korea psych 1972- made to be played LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!!****
"Shin Jung-Hyeon is the Godfather of Korean pop/rock. He started his musical career in 1955. In those days, immediately after the Korean War, there were few musicians. At 1957 he could play at the US army in Korea. His psychedelic play fascinated US soldiers, and some record company asked him to make an LP. His 1st band Add 4 constructed in 1962. Add 4 is the first rock band in Korea. After the time SJH started to make hit songs. Kim Jeong Mi, Park In Su, Pearl Sisters, Kim Chu Ja, Im A Yeong, Jang Hyeon and other singers debuted with the support of Shin Jung Hyeon. They debuted with his hit songs and he became the biggest power in Ga Yo scene."


1. Beautiful Country 9:56
2. It's A Lie 22:15
3. A Woman In The Mist 11:32


Saturday, 12 November 2011

***Jungle- same (1969) (Heavy Prog Psych) (USA)***

01 - House Of Rooms
02 - Somewhere Sweet Memories
03 - Gray Picnic
04 - Changes I'm Going Through
05 - Early Morning Rising
06 - Slave Ship

***Tony, Caro & John- (1972 uk Folk-Psych)***

All On The First Day by Tony, Caro and John was first issued in 1972, by those three hippy folk musicians. John and Tony had met in their hometown, Derby at the age of 11 and played together in various rock bands (called beat groups at the time) from their early teens. They graduated in the mid-60s to the folk club circuit in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire where, like everywhere else on the folk scene, experimentation was competing for attention with the traditional stuff.

They headed off to university in 1967, John to Sheffield and Tony to London. In London Tony met Caro, just arrived from Bristol, and they began playing the university folk clubs together. On graduation in 1970 John came to London, joined the others and a flat-cum-commune was born.
So, here is the excellent and rare album of British melodious folk trio.


***Forever Amber- rare Uk Psychedelia 1969***

"FOREVER AMBER" are originally an act called "The Country Cousins", gigging at Cambridge Shire air bases for homesick Americans.

By 1967 they were driving to gigs in a "Psychedelically" painted ambulance – the new moniker was an abbreviation of "Forever Ambulance".
Meanwhile, the 18-year-old accountancy student "John Hudson" was spending his lunchtimes writing songs for the group's sole album in a rehearsal room above a shop in Cambridge.
"John Hudson" had ambition.
"FOREVER AMBER"'s eponymous album, "The Love Cycle" (Advance M ADV 00101), like "Beach Boys""' "Pet Sounds", cover a relationship sequentially from first meeting to grim denouement.He found a studio to fit his £ 200 budget below a musical instrument shop in Hitchin. "FOREVER AMBER"'s "The Love Cycle" was recorded in a marathon 19-hour session on a Sunday in September 1968, and the band made great use of the profusion of riches upstairs; glockenspiel, penny whistle, a wah-wah pedal, and plenty of harpsichord.

This 1969 LP is a honeyed, melodic album, as intimate and irresistible as anything "The Left Banke" or "The Zombies" ever made, laced with perfectly-timed, dramatic Fuzz-guitar violence.
Created by six teenagers in Northern England, this sixteen song concept album follows the rise and fall of a summertime relationship.
From the celebratory, deeply harmonized opener, "Me Oh My" which first notices the "new girl on our street" to the pensive, haunted closing track, "My Friend", which pleads and quivers with sorrow.
The eight chapters retell the entire romance through a compelling combination of jangling guitars, graceful organ, and the singular earnestness of heartachey teenagers.

Only 99 copies were pressed and flogged off at gigs to the lucky few.
There's a tangible aura about "lost albums", something that draws you into their parallel universe.

Enjoy it!!!


***Zerfas s/t 1973 US Prog-psych***

This is the only and self-titled album by US prog/psych rock band "Zerfas" from 1973.
a vanity release from a bunch of unsigned but clearly precociously talented teenagers. It was lovingly cut over six months in 1973 at the tiny 700 West Studio in New Palestine, Indiana, using a four-track 3M recorder, plenty of overdubs, a lot of homemade wine and a hell of a lot of creative ingenuity.

Interestingly, the band members chose to add colour to their 1969-British-prog-rock style songs with the techniques of 1967 psychedelia, and the album stands as a fine psych/prog artefact despite being several years behind the timeline. The fun starts with “You Never Win”, which opens with a fade-in backwards version of the closing fade-out – a simple but brilliant idea. “I Don’t Understand” launches with an eerie half-speed recording of small children’s voices, whilst the meandering instrumental heart of “Hope” is washed by shoreline effects. Much use is made elsewhere of backwards voices, backwards instruments, fade-outs, fade-ins, wild stereo panning, ring modulators, tape loops and leftfield echo effects, and even a blast from an elkhorn. However, the underlying compositions don’t rely solely on these touches for interest; the eight songs, all originals, offer an engaging variety of styles from the “Born To Be Wild” knockoff of “You Never Win” through the cosmic boogie of “Stoney Wellitz” to the lush progressive soundscapes of “Hope”, culminating in “The Piper” which appropriately recalls Pink Floyd’s earliest stoner offerings. The playing and singing are excellent throughout, especially considering the tender ages of the musicians; Herman Zerfas’s keyboards in particular are exceptional.

Maybe there’s some Floyd influence, some Grape, some Dead, some Steppenwolf, some Allmans, maybe even some Steve Miller, but really such comparisons are unnecessary. This is a fine album by a fine band in its own right, and should be respected as such.

01. You Never Win (5:14)
02. The Sweetest Part (3:36)
03. I Dont't Understand (5:20)
04. I Need It Higher (4:49)
05. Stoney Wellitz (6:31)
06. Hope (7:45)
07. Fool's Parade (4:23)
08. The Piper (4:17)


Monday, 7 November 2011

***Erkin Koray - 3 of his best albums -Turkish Psych legend ***

S/T 1973

Elektronik Turkuler 1974

Erkin Koray II 1976

Erkin Koray has been in the Turkish rock music scene since the early 1960s. By the late 1960s, he was already a major figure in Turkish psychedelic music (also called as Anatolian Rock)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

***3 Hur-El - Hurel Arsivi (1974 Brilliant anatolian Turkish folk psych rock)***

A masterpiece of Turkish ethno-psychedelic delight, recorded between 1970 and 1975 by the three very talented Hur El brothers, and released in small quantities on Diskotur (originals sell for $1000 and up nowadays); their second album has the heavy hashish sound - fuzz guitar, impassioned vocals and Eastern percussion - that makes Turkish psych so savory to the rest of the world; very possibly as good as anything recorded by countryman Erkin Koray.

This release by the Korean label “World Psychedelia”, a bootleg label as far as I know, is a straight re-issue of 3 Hur-El’s (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) second album from 1976.

This means that it’s basically a needledrop from clean vinyl, without any sort of modern brickwall mastering or EQ'ing - it sounds nicer than most remasterbated albums coming out these days. (from soundsoftheuniverse).

Track List :
01.Kol Basti
03.Mutluluk Bizim Olsun
04.Canim Kurban
05.Gonul Sabreyle Sabreyle
06.Kucuk Yaramaz
07.Aglarsa Anam Aglar
08.Omur Biter Yol Bitmez
09.Sevenler Aglarmis
11.Doner Dunya

The Band :
*Feridun Hurel - guitar, sax, vocals
*Onur Hurel - bass,
*Haldun Hurel - drums, percussion