Saturday, 12 November 2011

***Tony, Caro & John- (1972 uk Folk-Psych)***

All On The First Day by Tony, Caro and John was first issued in 1972, by those three hippy folk musicians. John and Tony had met in their hometown, Derby at the age of 11 and played together in various rock bands (called beat groups at the time) from their early teens. They graduated in the mid-60s to the folk club circuit in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire where, like everywhere else on the folk scene, experimentation was competing for attention with the traditional stuff.

They headed off to university in 1967, John to Sheffield and Tony to London. In London Tony met Caro, just arrived from Bristol, and they began playing the university folk clubs together. On graduation in 1970 John came to London, joined the others and a flat-cum-commune was born.
So, here is the excellent and rare album of British melodious folk trio.