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***Renaissance 1969-1978 -Heavily symphonic prog with celebrated vocalist Annie Haslam***


Renaissance s/t 1969

Track listing

No. Title Music Length
1. "Kings and Queens" 10:56
2. "Innocence" 7:07
3. "Island" 5:58
4. "Wanderer" 4:02
5. "Bullet" 11:21

Illusions 1971

Track listing

"Love Goes On" (K.Relf) - 2:51
"Golden Thread" (J.McCarty/K.Relf) - 8:15
"Love Is All" (J.McCarty/B.Thatcher) - 3:40
"Mr. Pine" (M.Dunford) - 7:00
"Face Of Yesterday" (J.McCarty) - 6:06
"Past Orbits Of Dust" (J.McCarty/K.Relf/B.Thatcher) - 14:39

Prologue 1972

Track listing

"Prologue" (Dunford) - 5:39
"Kiev" (McCarty-Thatcher) - 7:38
"Sounds of the Sea" (Dunford-Thatcher) - 7:07
"Spare Some Love" (Dunford-Thatcher) - 5:11
"Bound for Infinity" (McCarty-Thatcher) - 4:23
"Rajah Khan" (Dunford) - 11:31

Ashes are Burning 1973

Track listing

"Can You Understand?" - 9:51
"Let It Grow" - 4:14
"On the Frontier" (McCarty-Thatcher) - 4:55
"Carpet of the Sun" - 3:31
"At the Harbour" - 6:48
"Ashes Are Burning" - 11:20

Turn of the Cards 1974

Track listing

"Running Hard" - 9:36
"I Think of You" - 3:08
"Things I Don't Understand" (Dunford/McCarty) - 9:28
"Black Flame" - 6:25
"Cold Is Being" - 3:02
"Mother Russia" - 9:18

Scheherazade and Other Stories 1975

Track listing

"Trip to the Fair" (Dunford-Thatcher-Tout) - 10:51
"The Vultures Fly High" (Dunford-Thatcher) - 3:04
"Ocean Gypsy" (Dunford-Thatcher) - 7:05
"Song of Scheherazade" (Camp-Dunford-Thatcher-Tout) - 24:39
i. Fanfare - :38 (instrumental)
ii. The Betrayal - 2:05 (instrumental)
iii. The Sultan - 4:45
iv. Love Theme - 2:42 (instrumental)
v. The Young Prince and Princess as told by Scheherazade - 2:29
vi. Festival Preparations - 5:11 (instrumental)
vii. Fugue for the Sultan - 2:10 (instrumental)
viii. The Festival - 2:10
ix. Finale - 2:29

Novella 1977

Track listing

"Can You Hear Me?" (Camp-Dunford-Thatcher) – 13:38
"The Sisters" (Dunford-Thatcher-Tout) – 7:15
"Midas Man" (Dunford-Thatcher) – 5:47
"The Captive Heart" (Camp-Dunford) – 4:16
"Touching Once (Is So Hard to Keep)" (Camp-Dunford) – 9:27

A Song for all Seasons 1978

Track listing

"Opening Out" (Camp-Dunford) – 4:14
"Day of the Dreamer" (Camp-Dunford) – 9:43
"Closer than Yesterday" (Camp-Dunford) – 3:18
"Kindness (At the End)" (Camp) – 4:51
"Back Home Once Again" (Camp-Dunford) – 3:15
"She Is Love" (Dunford-Thatcher) – 4:11
"Northern Lights" (Dunford-Thatcher) – 4:06
"A Song for All Seasons" (Camp-Dunford-Sullivan-Thatcher-Tout) – 10:53

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***Mike Oldfield - 4 of the best! symphonic prog rock***


Hergest Ridge 1974

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Mike Oldfield.

"Hergest Ridge, Part 1" – 21:29 (the lovely, relaxing side)
"Hergest Ridge, Part 2" – 18:45 (the side with the epic electronic THUNDERSTORM!!!)

Ommadawn 1975 (Remastered 2010)

"Ommadawn (Part One) 2010 Stereo Mix by Mike Oldfield
"Ommadawn (Part Two)" / "On Horseback" 2010 Stereo Mix by Mike Oldfield
"In Dulci Jubilo"
"First Excursion"

"Ommadawn (Part One)" 1975 Stereo Mix
"Ommadawn (Part Two)" / "On Horseback" 1975 Stereo Mix
"Ommadawn (Lost Version)" 1975 Demo

Incantations 1978 (2011 Reissue Deluxe CD1)
Incantations 1978 (2011 Reissue Deluxe CD2)

Deluxe Edition track listings
Disc 1

"Incantations Part One" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Incantations Part Two" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Incantations Part Three" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Incantations Part Four" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Guilty" 7-inch Single Version

Disc 2

"Diana" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Northumbrian" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Piano Improvisation" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Hiawatha" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Canon For Two Vibraphones" 2011 Stereo Mix
"William Tell Overture"
"Cuckoo Song"
"Pipe Tune"
"Wrekorder Wrondo"
"Guilty" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Diana - Desiderata" 2011 Stereo Mix

"Diana", "Hiawatha" and "Canon for Two Vibraphones" are remixed versions of excerpts from the original album; "Northumbrian" and "Piano Improvisation" are out-takes from the album sessions (the latter previously used as part of the soundtrack for the documentary Reflection); "Guilty" is based on the original 12-inch mix of the song, but is presented here in a noticeably drier, stripped-off version, which omits all of the reverb on the original mix; finally, "Diana - Desiderata" is a remix of the "Diana" excerpt including, as the title suggests, quotations from Max Ehrmann's famous prose poem Desiderata.

QE2 1980

"Taurus I" (Mike Oldfield) – 10:16
"Sheba" (Oldfield) – 3:33
"Conflict" (Oldfield) – 2:53
"Arrival" (Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus) – 2:48
"Wonderful Land" (Jerry Lordan) – 3:38
"Mirage" (Oldfield) – 4:41
"QE2" (Oldfield, David Hentschel) – 7:38
"Celt" (Oldfield, Tim Cross) – 3:06
"Molly" (Oldfield) – 1:15

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***Design -Day of the Fox/ In Flight (2 albums)***

Design -Day of the Fox-In Flight

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DESIGN was a British six-piece vocal harmony group in the early 1970s and its members were Barry Alexander, Gabrielle Field, Kathy Manuell, Jeff Matthews, John Mulcahy-Morgan and Geoff Ramseyer.

Design - vocal group magazine photoTheir music has been described as ‘sunshine harmony pop with a light hippy vibe’ and ‘melodic folk-pop with a shimmering, almost psychedelic, West Coast feel’. Design released five albums and thirteen singles in the UK and appeared on more than fifty television shows before they split up in 1976.

Singer and songwriter Tony Smith formed Design while he was working at the BBC in London in December 1968. The group then signed a recording contract with Adrian Kerridge of Lansdowne Studios and recorded their first album Design during the summer of 1969. This led to a two-album deal with Epic Records in the USA.

In November 1970, shortly before the first album was released, Tony Smith left the group and he was replaced by guitarist Jeff Matthews, who had been with John and Geoff in the group Free Expression.

This was Design’s most successful line-up and after their appearances on The Morecambe and Wise Show in 1971 they became one of the most televised groups in the UK, guesting on dozens of programmes with The Two Ronnies, Val Doonican, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, and many others.

They toured with Gilbert O’Sullivan, starred in cabaret and at the London Palladium, and recorded the albums Tomorrow Is So Far Away, Day of the Fox and In Flight before Gabrielle Field and Geoff Ramseyer left the group in October 1974.

Barry, John, Kathy and Jeff carried on as a four-piece group and recorded one more album By Design before finally splitting up in October 1976. Since then, Design’s albums have become much sought after by record collectors and they have been highly praised by music critics in magazines and books such as Shindig and Galactic Ramble.

In June 2011 Design's first four albums were reissued for the first time on CD and download by RPM Records. The albums Design and Tomorrow Is So Far Away are available on RPM Records Retro 897 and the albums Day of the Fox and In Flight on RPM Records Retro 898. A third CD of singles and unreleased tracks is planned for release in 2012.

Now once again you can enjoy the glorious sunshine harmonies of the six-piece group described by Noel Edmonds on BBC Radio One as ‘one of the best vocal groups in the world’.

Track Listings
3. I Feel The Earth Move
4. Can This Be Love
5. Pisces Hymn
6. Meet My Friends
7. If You Think About Me
8. Fallen Angel
9. Yellow Bird (Have You No Home)
10. You'd Better Believe It
11. When Morning Comes
12. Wherever You May Go
13. A Famous Myth
14. Teach Me How To Fly
15. Archie Franks
16. Dirty Work
17. Don't Apologize
18. Second Love
19. End Of The Party
20. I'll Be Back Again
21. I Am The Greene Manne
22. Losing You
23. After The Rain

link above pics. also don't miss their first two albums!!


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***Mogollar-S/T 1971 rare 2nd album, fab Turkish Psych with fuzz guitar & Eastern instruments -MUST LISTEN!!!***

*note: i reposted this with more
pictures to illustrate how
colourful and wonderful this
band is!! DON'T MISS, i
wanna see more listeners!
-The band was founded in 1967 by Neco, Aziz Azmet, Aydın Daruga and Murat Ses who were previously members of Silüetler (silhouettes).

However, Neco left the band at the end of 1967. Also, Cahit Berkay, who was a member of Selçuk Alagöz Band, and Haluk Kunt, who was a member of Vahşi Kediler (Wild Cats), both joined the band.

Later, Haluk Kunt was replaced by Hasan Sel, who was a member of Apaşlar (Apachies) in 1968, and Aydın Daruga was replaced by Engin Yörükoğlu in 1969.

In 1970, Hasan Sel was replaced by Taner Öngür, previously a member of Meteorlar (Meteors) and the Erkin Koray Quartet.

The band tried to fuse the technical aspects of pop music with the melodies of Anatolian folk music in late 1960s and early 1970s

In July 1970, Aziz Azmet, the band's vocalist left the band and Ersen Dinleten replaced him for a short time.

Moğollar recorded Ternek/Haliç'te Gün Batışı (Ternek/Sunset on the Golden Horn) 45 rpm, and left for Paris in August 1970.

The group won the Grand Prix du Disque of the Charles Cros Academy (previously won by such groups as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix) in 1971.

Nearly all of the tracks on this album are compositions or traditional arrangements of Murat Ses, the group's keyboardist, arranger and composer. This ambum is compelling work from the Turkish scene of the early 70s -- music that fuses rock and folk roots, and which makes heavy use of the Turkish baglama -- an instrument with strong sitar-like qualities.

Most of the tunes here are instrumentals that lay the baglama solos out over heavier rhythms -- in a driving sound that's certainly got roots in folk, but which comes off with more of a rock-like intensity.

There's a bit of fuzz on some of the instrumentation, but we can't tell for sure how much electricity was used by the band -- and although the English language notes on the CD do a great job of laying out the group's history and recordings, we wish they'd give a bit more specifics on that front!

CD features a fair number of bonus tracks, including key recordings done by Mogollar in Paris -- and titles include "Ozum Kaldi", "Misket", "Behind The Dark", "Hicaz Mandira", "Yine Bir Gulnihal", "Senhaz Longa", "Hitchin", "Dag Ve Cocuk", and "Garip".

01.Katip Arzuhalim Yaz Yare Boyle
02.Bachelere Geldi Bahar
03.Hicaz Mandira
04.Uskudara Giderken
05.Karsiki Yayla
06.Yine Bir Gulnihal
07.Sehnaz Longa
08.Drama Koprusu Bolu Beyi
09.Canakkale Icinde Ayanli Carsi
11.Ozum Kaldi
12.Behind the Dark
13.Halicte Gunesin Batsi
15.Berkay Oyun Havasi
17.Yalnizlgin Ackli Guldurusu
18.Dag Ve Cocuk
19.Garip Coban

*Cahit Berkay – bağlama,guitar,kemenche,mandolin,yaylı tanbur,vocals
*Taner Öngür – bass,vocals
*Engin Yörükoğlu – drums
*Murat Ses – synthesizer, hammond organ


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***Gryphon -Medieval Prog par excellence!***

Gryphon (1973)

Track listing

"Kemp's Jig" (Trad. arr. Gryphon) – 3:07
"Sir Gavin Grimbold" (Trad. arr. Gulland) – 2:45
"Touch And Go" (Harvey/Taylor) – 1:29
"Three Jolly Butchers" (Trad. arr. Taylor) – 3:54
"Pastime with Good Company" (Henry VIII arr. Gryphon) – 1:31
"The Unquiet Grave" (Trad. arr. Gryphon) – 5:40
"Estampie" (Anon. arr. Gryphon) – 4:53
"Crossing The Stiles" (Taylor) – 2:25
"The Astrologer" (Trad. arr. Gryphon) – 3:12
"Tea Wrecks" (Anon. arr. Gryphon) – 1:06
"Juniper Suite" (Gryphon) – 4:49
"The Devil And The Farmer's Wife" (Trad. arr. Gryphon) – 1:55

Midnight Mushrumps (1974)

Track listing

"Midnight Mushrumps" (Harvey) – 18:58
"The Plough-Boy's Dream" (Trad. Arr. by Gryphon) – 3:02
"The Last Flash Of Gaberdine Taylor" (Taylor) – 3:58
"Gulland Rock" (Gulland) – 5:21
"Dubbel Dutch" (Taylor) – 5:36
"Ethelion" (Trad. Arr.) – 5:15

Red Queen to Gryphon Three (1974)

01. Opening Move (9:42)
02. Second Spasm (8:15)
03. Lament (10:45)
04. Checkmate (9:50)

Raindance (1975)

Track listing

"Down The Dog" (Harvey) - 2:44
"Raindance" (Harvey) - 5:37
"Mother Nature's Son" (Lennon–McCartney) - 3:08
"Le Cambrioleur Est Dans Le Mouchoir" (Taylor/Bennett) - 2:14
"Ormolu" (Harvey) - 1:00
"Fontinental Version" (Taylor) - 5:36
"Wallbanger" (Harvey) - 3:33
"Don't Say Go" (Taylor) - 1:48
"(Ein Klein) Heldenleben (Harvey) - 16:03

Treason (1977)

Track listing

"Spring Song" (Harvey/Sebastion) - 10:00
"Round & Round" (Harvey/Sebastion) - 4:30
"Flash In The Pantry" (Gulland/Sebastion) - 4:57
"Falero Lady" (Harvey/Sebastion) - 4:08
"Snakes And Ladders" (Harvey) - 5:15
"The Fall Of The Leaf" (Harvey/Sebastion) - 4:22
"Major Disaster" (Foster/Sebastion) - 4:04

from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Multi-instrumentalist Richard Harvey and his fellow Royal College of Music graduate Brian Gulland, a woodwind player, began the group as an all-acoustic ensemble that mixed traditional English folk music with medieval and Renaissance influences. Shortly after this, the duo was joined by guitarist Graeme Taylor and drummer/percussionist Dave Oberlé. After their self-titled debut, they expanded their sound to include electric guitars and keyboards as well as wind instruments, such as bassoons and krumhorns, not previously used in rock music. Gryphon's music often sounded as much like rural English folk or renaissance chansons as it did rock, at least on their early recordings. After their third album (Red Queen to Gryphon Three) and the subsequent tour as a supporting act for Yes, their instrumentation became more conventional and the use of non-standard instruments was reduced. Fans and critics generally regard Midnight Mushrumps and the all-instrumental Red Queen to Gryphon Three as their finest albums.