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***Mike Oldfield - 4 of the best! symphonic prog rock***


Hergest Ridge 1974

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Mike Oldfield.

"Hergest Ridge, Part 1" – 21:29 (the lovely, relaxing side)
"Hergest Ridge, Part 2" – 18:45 (the side with the epic electronic THUNDERSTORM!!!)

Ommadawn 1975 (Remastered 2010)

"Ommadawn (Part One) 2010 Stereo Mix by Mike Oldfield
"Ommadawn (Part Two)" / "On Horseback" 2010 Stereo Mix by Mike Oldfield
"In Dulci Jubilo"
"First Excursion"

"Ommadawn (Part One)" 1975 Stereo Mix
"Ommadawn (Part Two)" / "On Horseback" 1975 Stereo Mix
"Ommadawn (Lost Version)" 1975 Demo

Incantations 1978 (2011 Reissue Deluxe CD1)
Incantations 1978 (2011 Reissue Deluxe CD2)

Deluxe Edition track listings
Disc 1

"Incantations Part One" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Incantations Part Two" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Incantations Part Three" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Incantations Part Four" Remastered Stereo Mix
"Guilty" 7-inch Single Version

Disc 2

"Diana" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Northumbrian" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Piano Improvisation" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Hiawatha" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Canon For Two Vibraphones" 2011 Stereo Mix
"William Tell Overture"
"Cuckoo Song"
"Pipe Tune"
"Wrekorder Wrondo"
"Guilty" 2011 Stereo Mix
"Diana - Desiderata" 2011 Stereo Mix

"Diana", "Hiawatha" and "Canon for Two Vibraphones" are remixed versions of excerpts from the original album; "Northumbrian" and "Piano Improvisation" are out-takes from the album sessions (the latter previously used as part of the soundtrack for the documentary Reflection); "Guilty" is based on the original 12-inch mix of the song, but is presented here in a noticeably drier, stripped-off version, which omits all of the reverb on the original mix; finally, "Diana - Desiderata" is a remix of the "Diana" excerpt including, as the title suggests, quotations from Max Ehrmann's famous prose poem Desiderata.

QE2 1980

"Taurus I" (Mike Oldfield) – 10:16
"Sheba" (Oldfield) – 3:33
"Conflict" (Oldfield) – 2:53
"Arrival" (Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus) Р2:48
"Wonderful Land" (Jerry Lordan) – 3:38
"Mirage" (Oldfield) – 4:41
"QE2" (Oldfield, David Hentschel) – 7:38
"Celt" (Oldfield, Tim Cross) – 3:06
"Molly" (Oldfield) – 1:15


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