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Spirit - (S/T US 1968) Heavy Psych. Great stuff!

–SPIRIT –1968(US)heavypsych Spirit's debut unveiled a band that seemed determine to out-eclecticize everybody else on the California psychedelic scene, with its melange of rock, jazz, blues, folk-rock, and even a bit of classical and Indian music. Teenaged Randy California immediately established a signature sound with his humming, sustain-heavy tone; middle-aged drummer Ed Cassidy gave the group unusual versatility; and the songs tackled unusual lyrical themes, like "Fresh Garbage" and "Mechanical World." As is often the case in such hybrids, the sum fell somewhat short of the parts; they could play more styles than almost any other group, but couldn't play (or, more crucially, write) as well as the top acts in any given one of those styles. There's some interesting stuff here, nonetheless; "Uncle Jack" shows some solid psych-pop instincts, and it sounds like Led Zeppelin lifted the opening guitar lines of "Taurus" for their own much more famous "Stairway to Heaven."

Randy California (guitar, vocals)ay Ferguson (vocals, percussion)
Mark Andes (bass)
Ed Cassidy (drums) J
ohn Locke (keyboards)

1 Fresh-Garbage 3:11
2 Uncle Jack 2:44
3 Mechanical World 5:15
4 Taurus 2:37
5 Girl in Your eye 3:15
6 Straight Arrow 2:50
7 Topanga Windows 3:36
8 Gramophone Man 3:49
9 Water Woman 2:11
10 The Great Canyon Fire in General 2:46
11 Elijah 10:42 bonus track
12 Veruska 2:50
13 Free Spirit 4:27
14 If I Had a Woman 3:11
15 Elijah (Alternate Take) 9:42

Spirit were america’s equivalent of Traffic -an accomplished, stylish psychedelic heavy-progressive outfit with consistently excellent songwriting. Very, very colorful music. Their albums sold quite well, charting in the 20’s although they seem to be less celebrated than they deserve to be, possibly because critics tend to mark down most of the psychedelic music of the era. They are one of very few groups to record three near classic albums in psychedelic mode. They just failed to record a good hit single to lodge them in the public consciousness, which is surprising given the quality of their songwriting. They were closer to their British equivalents in style and technique than almost any other American band.


Instant Orange -Instant Orange (1968-1975 US psych west coast and folk rock)

The hardcore record collectors at Shadoks Music would have you believe that they’ve unearthed a gem in early 1970s San Bernadino band Instant Orange. They haven’t, but the disc at least makes for an interesting listen. Co-frontmen Terry Walters and Randy Lanier founded Instant Orange and kept the band alive for seven off and on years, with a rotating cast of other players. During that time, the group produced a couple of singles, an album, and two EPs. Those releases was pressed independently, with only 100 copies of each ever produced (save for their first single. Walters says they were talked into ordering 300 instead for that one, and that they didn’t let it happen again.) None of the members went on to make a career out of music, so it’s not really a surprisethat the band was more or less forgotten until now. Terry Walters admits that he and Randy Lanier’s main touchstones were ‘60s folk-rock bands like the Byrds and Love. This is apparent throughout the disc, as the jangly sound of the 12-string electric guitar dominatesmany of the songs. The music is catchy enough, but neither frontman really had the vocal or lyrical ability to make the band come alive as a solid successor to their influences. In fact, the vocals on the band’s album Five Year Premiere are mixed so softly that they’re tough to make out, although thisis not a problem on the singles or EPs. The band really comes alive when it tries things outside the folky comfort zone. The banjo-and-kazoo instrumental hoedown “Cycle II” is highly entertaining, and the harder-rocking “Silent Green” has an energy the rest of Five Year Premiere is missing. The group’s two singles also prove successful. The poppy “You I’ll Be Following” has the band’s strongest hook, and with a producer and better singer, I could see it getting radio play back when it was released in ‘68. The second single, released in 1973, has the fun and bouncy country tune “Same Old Thing”, and features the best singing in Instant Orange’s discography. The band’s latter-day EPs, one released in 1974 and the other in ‘75, showcase a broadening sound and a full-time keyboard player, Joe Bianchi. The ‘74 EP opens with the meandering rock song “Suburban Pictorial Abstract”, but goes into boogie blues for the aptly-named “20 to 6 Bianchi Boogie”. The 8-minute instrumental jam “ThemeFrom Beat Whistle” closes out this release. It’s a jazzy and engaging song that features some really strong keyboard and guitar solos, and musical changes. The 1975 EP was the band’s final release. Its songs find the band trying more new things, from the darker “Paper Lay” to the piano-driven bluesy “Skyline”. “Flight of the Mary Celeste” sounds like the band had been listening to its ‘70s contemporaries with story-based lyrics and fuzzed-out guitar solos. Instant Orange itself was not a great band, but was at least pretty good, and fans of ‘60s folk-rock and jangle pop may find a lot to like here (review by Chris Conaton from


02.Visionary, The (Reactive)
03.Whole Lot Better
04.Whole Lot Better
05.Silent Green
06.Seems Like Everything
07.Seems Like Everything
08.Cycle 2
09.Cycle 2
10.Reflecting Emotions
11.Genesis II
12.Cactus Gardens
13.Ballad of the Rtd
14.Ballad of the Rtd
15.Prairie to the Sea
16.Prairie to the Sea
17.Coming of the Day
18.Coming of the Day
19.You I'll Be Following
20.Reflecting Emotions
21.Suburban Pictorial Abstract
22.20 to 6 Bianchi Boogie
23.Theme From Beat Whistle
24.View From Ghiradelli Square
25.Paper Lay 26.Skyline
27.Plight of the Maray Celeste
28.Genesis II -(non LP version)
29.Same Old Thing Instant Orange:

*Randy Lanier (vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussion)
*Terry Walters (vocals, guitars, banjo, harmonica, kazoo, bass guitar, drums, percussion)
*Lynn McCurdy (variousinstruments, percussion

Instant Orange - Instant Orange

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***Sweet Smoke - From Darkness to Light (US 1973) Magical Proggy Hippy Psych with Eastern touches***

The underrared "From Darkness to Light" is SWEET SMOKE's last studio album. This one has some shorter tracks but I think it's closer to progressive rock genre than their first. The music is more diverse, complex and thoughtfully composed. However, in some parts it still ratains the jazz-rock elements from their first album. Their typical sudden changes in mood and rhythm are also presented. I welcome the addition of piano and string instruments. I also like the singing and occasional beatlesque choir parts. The hippie imagery in the music and on the coverart is even more prominent than before. This is also notable in the epic track "Kundalini" which begins in Indo-fusion style: a crowd singing a mantra (a few people are out of tune but I think it was intentional), ethnic percussion, instrumental improvisations, scat singing... It's slowly proceeding in more "conventional" jazz-ock. The ending is a crazy jazz counterpoint between guitar, piano, sax, bas and drums. Trully stunning! "Show Me the War" is thoughtfully arranged and spiced with some dissonance. The title track has some awesome trippy and jazzy things going on. In the end they freak out... Other tracks are nice and simple songs with folky flute and a few intelligent twists. I'm not a "flower power" follower but there is something magical about this album that makes it one of my favorites. PROG ARCHIVES -by Matej Luketic

1. Just An Empty Dream
2. I'd Rather Burn Than Disappear
3. Kundalini
4. Believe Me My Friends
5. Show Me The Way To The War
6. Darkness To Light


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Bo Grumpus - Before the War (1968 US "Bosstown Sound" band)

This is a long lost gem from 1968 by a little known, somewhat psychedelic group called Bo Grumpus. Originally issued on Atco Records. 180 gram vinyl. Bo Grumpus was formed in Boston in 1967 and are not to be confused with the group using the name in the 1990s-2000s. N.D. Smart andim Colegrove traveled from Ohio to team up with guitarists, Eddie Mottau and Joe Hutchinson. Eddie and Joe had performed as a duo in the mid-sixties called Two Guys From Boston. They had done some recording with Noel "Paul" Stookey as their producer but had only one single released on the Scepter label. N.D. had met the Two Guys when they performed in Dayton, Ohio at the local folk club, The Lemon Tree. N.D. then both recorded and performed with them. When they asked him to join them to make a band he was prompt to say yes. N.D. asked Jim Colegrove to join them on bass.The group first performed at The Loft on Charles Street in Boston using the name The Bait Shop. It wasn't long before Eddie and Joe called their friend Felix Pappalardi in New York to come to Boston to hear the group play. Felix had played bass with The Two Guys on their recordings. At the time, Felix had already produced The Youngbloods records for RCA and was in the midst of recording Cream for their upcoming Disraeli Gears LP. Felix came to Boston and heard the group. He and his partner, Bud Prager, liked the band and set about to secure a recording/ publishing deal for them. The Bait Shop moved to New York City inune, 1967 and prepared to record.

01 -Sparrow Tune -2.59
02 -Think Twice -2.22
03 -Yesterday´s Street -4.14
04 -The Breath o´ Love -3.06
05 -A Knowing Young Touch -2.46
06 -Ragtimely Love -2.10
07 -Travelin´ In the Dark -2.43
08 -Brooklyn -2.44
09 -The Moon Will Rise -5.26
10 -If I Came To You -2.58

Before The War

Stalk-Forrest Group - St. Cecilia (US 1968 - early Blue Oyster Cult) Great hippie psych rock!

69 album from early Blue Oyster Cult when they were known to no one as the stalk forrest group...its a rocking blast which comes complete with some nice quicksilver style guitar but on a much more consise and economical tip, not extended ballroom jams, this is compact, never meandering from its true path...the arrangements give off a mild air of pete townshend meets west-coast acid rock (with a bit of country rockthrown in, though thats more than likely a temporal thing, a couple years on and that wouldn't be there)...why elektra failed to release this debut gem is a strange puzzler as this is right up there with other highly unknown top draw combos (clear light/love/quill/wackers) making the label the heppest of hep...

Track Listing:

1. Gil Blanco County
2. Ragamuffin' Dumplin
3. Bonomo's Turkish Taffy
4. Arthur Comics
5. Curse Of The Hidden Mirrors
6. What Is Quicksand
7. St. Cecilia
8. Donovan's Monkey
9. I'm On The Lamb, But I Ain't No Sheep
10. Fact About Sneakers

St. Cecilia

Magic Mixture - This is The Magic Mixture (UK 1968) great Psych LP!

Psychelatte says: if you like this, you will probably also likeThe Maze

1968 psych classic which has been much sought after as a fine exponent of the UK's swinging London psych scene. Released on the same label as Guy and David's "Five Day Week Straw People". Like that album this is typical melodic late '60s psych with hammond, screaming wah-wah guitar breaks and Cream-like vocals. UK heavy-psych classic, originally released on the budget Saga label. The modest cover art and relative band anonymity betray an accomplished collection of twelve original tracks, with solo guitar blasts and zonked harmonies a plenty, anchored by some thunderous Hammond. A blanket of warm, hazy production makes this every bit the equal of labelmates The Five Day Week Straw People, and both nestle comfortably next to the filler-free full-lengths of 'underground' icons Second Hand, Open Mind, The Art, etc." Originally released on Saga, this superb piece of psychedelic freakbeat should be in every record collection sharing section with UK psych gods like July, Skip Bifferty, Forever Amber, Five Day Week Straw People, The Open Mind and the likes. Even though according to the The Tapestry Of Delights book, the Saga LP's are supposed to have been recorded at a school premises rather than in a proper studio, this album has become a classic of the genre on its own, containing some killer psychedelic sounds delivered mainly by the guitar of leader Jim Thomas and his bandmate Stan Curtis' organ riffs. The line-up was completed with Jack Collins on drums and Melvyn Hacker on bass guitar. The songs are all original Magic Mixture compositions, and they are all excellent samples of what was going on in the UK when the genres who had been en vogue during the '60s (modern jazz, folk, R&B, pop...) were all put into the same cauldron in the search of a special mixture, eventually obtaining some great pop tunes played with a freakbeat edge and some early psychedelic sounds --all pretty simple and without many gimmicks or studio trickery --but amazingly lovely and very cool. It is one of the most sought-after Saga releases and one that commands high sums when it shows up on eBay.

Line-up Jim Thomas -vocals, guitar
Stan Curtis -organ
Melvyn Hacker -bass
Jack Collins [aka Jack McCulloch] -drums


1. (I'm so) sad 4:15
2. Urge to leave 2:32
3. You 2:58
4. Slowly the day 3:55
5. New Man 3:00
6. Living on a hill 2:57
7. It's allright by me 3:01
8. When I was young 2:55
9. Hey little girl 2:24
10. Tomorrow's sun 3:20
11. Motor bike song 2:33
12. Moon beams 4:02

This Is Magic Mixture

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The Fountain Soundtrack - (Clint Mansell) -also the music used for The Arrivals video series on the NWO - beautiful & apocalyptic! ***

Amazon customer reviews:

Truely Awesome, 4 Dec 2006

The Soundtrack to The Fountain is an intense, emotional but rewarding experience, but be warned! this is not the run of the mill, orchestral style that seems to permeate movies these days, in an all too predictable way. This is more a case of The kronos Quartet meets Mogwai in a dark alley for a good dust-up. If you are familiar with God Speed You Black Emperor/ A Silver Mnt Zion's anthemic post rock orchestrations for guitar and strings you will no doubt love whats on offer here. Clint Mansell lets his inspirations show thru with a few nods to Phillip Glass and the afore mentioned GSYBE. A brooding emotional sound bulds on repeated(in a good way) piano refrains and strings to represent the various story lines present in the film, that gradually build into a stirring, emotional and intense finale on "Death is the road to Awe" The album is worth it just for this track alone.

Road to awe, 6 April 2006

You can tell a lot about a movie by its soundtrack --comedies get cute pop tunes, action gets harder stuff, and drama has somber compositions. But the exquisite genre-bender "Fountain" was graced with a sweeping, celestial collection of songs, which were a collaboration between composer Clint Mansell's group, the Kronos Quartet, and the Scottish experimental group Mogwai. It's filled with the sorrow of death, the joy of love, and all the feeling that music can muster. It opens with a gentle piano solo, which trickles into a web of slow, ominous strings. "The Last Man" opens the album on a somber note, and moves down the emotional scale from jagged unhappiness to a gentle, slightly achy sound. As it blossoms out into a rising violin solo, your heart will be breaking. Then it dips into more uncomfortable turf --the eerie "Holy Dread," with its hints of chants, dark drums and rattly noises, and the shimmering swirling guitars of "Tree of Life." But then Mansell and Mogwai move back into the orchestral mood --sweeping, shimmering melodies with a sort of spacey feel, and dark-edged neoclassical instrumentals. It rises to a heart-pounding climax in "Death is the Road To Awe," with the music getting louder and more intense, and picking up tempo... before exploding into what sounds like an angelic rock song. The final song is very different in tone --very quiet, mellow and almost happy. Well, Darren Aronofsky's movie is full of death, war, sorrow, love, space travel, and immortality. Somehow it's not too surprising that a normal soundtrack wouldn't do, and that a mixture of neoclassical instrumentals and space-rock are needed to really accentuate the beauty on the screen. The music is full of emotion --sorrow, yearning, love, pain, and loneliness, climaxing in the exultant chorale and explosively soaring "Death is the Road...". To achieve this, Mansell uses some pretty simple instrumentation, with some sort of ambient melodies played with classical instrumentation. He layers plenty of shimmering strings and rippling piano into a sweeping web, and adds in some odd electronic sounds and some tribal drums for atmosphere. Best of all? Though the soundtrack mirrors the development of the movie's events, it can be enjoyed on its own merits, for its own beauty, and not just for way it makes you think of what happened in the movie. One of the best things about "The Fountain" is that soaring, emotion-packed soundtrack, which is almost as good on its own as it is with Aronofsky's movie. An exquisite, powerful experience.

01. The Last Man
02. Holy Dread!
03. Tree Of Life
04. Stay With Me
05. Death Is a Disease
06. Xibalba
07. First Snow
08. Finish It
09. Death Is The Road to Awe
10. Together We Will Live Forever

"death is the road to awe"

Clip from The Arrivals, featuring evil Fantasia and this music

Richard Twice - s/t (US soft psych 1969) Fading Yellow artist - SUBLIME!

Named after the mysterious duo of Richard Atkins and Richard Manning, it’s beautifully crafted songs and glorious melodies have assured it an ever-growing cult reputation. The sleeve tells us these two songwriters are “as different as the sun and the moon in their daily lives, and yet who can sing songs that go directly to the heart of the matter, with a seemingly single mind and voice.” Featuring top-notch backing from musicians such as Drake Levin (Paul Revere & the Raiders), Larry Knechtel (Bread), Mark Tulin (The Electric Prunes) and Rusty Young (Poco), it’s bound to appeal to all fans of high-quality early ’70s U.S. pop-rock. –“This is a virtually perfect pop album, the kind of thing that would have ruled the charts if the wind had been blowing the right way that month.” (Acid Archives)
Track Listings

1. Generation '70
2. My Love Bathes In Silence 3. 1:25 AM
4. Your Love Like Heaven Be
5. God Give Me Strength
6. What Makes Me Love You Like I Do
7. If I Knew You Were The One
8. Finest Poet
9. More Or Less Nothing
10. If I Were Strong I'd Move You Mountains
11. She Catches Me Running


Trader Horne - Morning Way (UK Folk-Psych 1970)

Trader Horne was a duo consisting of original Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble (vocals, electric nuto-harp, piano) and Jackie McAuley (vocals, acoustic guitar, harpsichord, organ, piano, flute, congas and celesta). This duo formed 1969 Trader Horne (the name of John Peel's nanny, apparently). A single was released called Sheena, with a Judy Dyble song on the flipside, Morning Way, which became the title track of this, their only album. On this album they are supported by Ray Elliot (flute and bass clarinet), John Godfrey (bass) and Andy White (drums). The songs are basically precious folk-pop ditties that are both cute and catchy, without being ingratiating. Those are rare qualities (otherwise I would appreciate pop music a lot more) and a result of good song writing. Released 1970 in UK on Dawn [DNLS 3004]. Personnel: Jackie McAuley -vocals, guitar, flute, piano, harpsichord, organ, congas, celeste Judy Dyble -vocals, electric auto-harp, piano Ray Elliot -alto flute, bass clarinet Joe Godfrey -bassAndy White -drums

1. Jenny May
2. Children Of Care
3. Three Rings For Eleven Kings
4. Growing Man
5. Down And Out Blues
6. The Mixed Up Kind
7. Better Than Today
8. In My Loneliness
9. Sheena
10. The Mutant
11. Morning Way
12. Velvet To Atone
13. Like That Never Was
14. Goodbye Mercy Kelly (bonus)
15. Here Comes the Rain (bonus)

morning way

Meic Stevens - Ghost Town (Rare Release, Folk-Psych)


1 Roedd Gennyf I Gariad (I Had A Love)
2 Factory Girl
3 One Night Wonder
4 Love Owed
5 It Takes A Country Boy To Sing A Country Song
6 Need For Need
7 Ghost Town
8 Myfi Yw'r Dechreuad (I Am The Beginning)
9 Sing A Song Of Sadness
10 Ghosts Of Nothing Lie
11 Clown In The Alley
12 Yorric
13 Ghosts Of Solva

meic stevens - ghost town

Meic Stevens -Outlander (Uk 1970, Folk, Folk-Psych Sundazed - The Welsh Bob Dylan!)

Born: 1942, Solva, North Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom Member of: Bara Menyn


01. Rowena [Full Version]
02. Love Owed
03. Left Over Time
04. Lying to Myself
05. Sailor and Madonna
06. Ox Blood
07. Yorric
08. Midnight Comes
09. Ghost Town
10. Dau Rhosyn Coch
11. Ballad of Old Joe Blind
12. Great Houdini
13. All About a Dream
14. Evening Comes Up
15. Upon the Mountain
16. Where Have All My People Gone
17. Yorric [Early Version]
18. Sailor and Madonna [Early Version]
19. Blue Sleep
20. Ballad of Old Joe Blind [Alternate Version]

Info: Meic Stevens may not be a familiar name in much of the world, but in his native Wales the singer-songwriter's stature is often compared to that of Bob Dylan. A local legend whose psych-folk influence can be heard in such contemporary Welsh groups as Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Stevens also founded his country's first independent record company, the estimable Sain label. Stevens sang mostly in his native language, a political act not unlike speaking Basque in Spain or Cherokee in the U.S. His one English-language album is 1970's Outlander, an outstanding marriage of musicianship and eclecticism. Arising from the same fertile soil as the work of the late-'60s icons, Stevens's album nonetheless manages to avoid easy comparisons. Its jazz-Indo-psych ragas merge seamlessly with its acid folksongs and Dylan-esque meditations on relationships and politics. Performed by a remarkable cast of musicians hand-picked by English rock tastemaker Ian Samwell, Outlander was created with a minimum of rehearsal and consists largely of first takes. Greeted with critical acclaim upon Outlander's U.K. release, Stevens traveled Stateside for a two-week tour in the summer of 1970. But the album never crossed the Atlantic; its very first U.S. release is this expanded, remastered Rhino Handmade issue. Copies of the LP have fetched upwards of $500 on the collectors' market, a testimony to the enduring quality of its songs. Now, fans can enjoy the original album in its entirety, along with nine bonus tracks, including outtakes, alternate versions, and the 1970 B-side "Blue Sleep." Outlander is available as an individually numbered limited edition of 2,500 copies. greetings... ~ by Amadeus.

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Lazy Smoke - Corridor of Faces (US Psych 1968)

Like The Velvet Underground and Big Star, Lazy Smoke has become more famous in death than life. Basically a local phenomenon during its existence, the Massachusetts band's Corridor of Faces LP has become one of the most revered collectables among '60s enthusiasts. Included on this CD are 12 previously unheard demos produced a few months prior to the recording of the album. All music has been transferred from the original mastertapes.

In Vernon Joynson's book "Fuzz, Acid, & Flowers", he states that Massachusetts band, Lazy Smoke's ultra rare album "Corridor of Faces" is to some the ultimate psychedelic album ever recorded. With so many classic psych recordings out there begging for that very title this is quite the statement. However, psychedelic music is certainly not a dead genre, it is alive and well and the very fact that these ultra rare 60’s albums are being reissued proves my point.

No more than 500 copies of the Lazy Smoke album were originally released back in late '68. Original vinyl copies of "Corridor" can fetch somewhat near $1,500! Now, some 35+ years later, the Arf Arf label has presented us with this golden nugget plus numerous unreleased demos from 1967.

"Corridor of Faces" is a superb period piece with fantastic, and at times beautiful guitar work, and flowing Beatles-esque harmonies (that even come with affected English accents). From the backward guitars of the luscious opening track “All These Years”, to the poignant lyrics and tight orchestration of “There Was A Time”, this is clearly a classic undiscovered work of beauty.

1. All These Years
2. How Was Your Day Last Night
3. Come With the Day
4. Salty People
5. Jackie-Marie
6. Under Skys
7. Sarah Saturday
8. There Was a Time
9. Am I Wrong?
10. How Did You Die?
11. I Don't Need the Sun [Unplugged Demo]
12. Changing the Time [Unplugged Demo]
13. I Could Fall Asleep [Unplugged Demo]
14. Wait Till You See [Unplugged Demo]
15. Scarecrow [Unplugged Demo]
16. All These Years [Unplugged Demo]
17. Come With the Day [Unplugged Demo]
18. Salty People [Unplugged Demo]
19. Jackie-Marie [Unplugged Demo]
20. There Was a Time [Unplugged Demo]
21. Sarah Saturday [Unplugged Demo]
22. Am I Wrong? [Unplugged Demo]


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Chris Montez - Call Me- The A&M Years - Truly charming Easy Listening and a great great voice!

Chris Montez started out in the early ’60s as a Ritchie Valens-influenced, fairly gritty rock & roller. But upon signing with A&M in the mid-’60s, he changed to a much smoother style that crossed easy listening pop, bossa nova, and the lightest of pop/rock touches. This 22-track compilation focuses on his 1966-1968 recordings for the label, which did bring him a fair amount of pop success, a far cry though they were from the days of his raucous 1962 smash “Let’s Dance.” All four of his 1966 Top 40 hits are here (“Call Me,” “The More I See You,” “There Will Never Be Another You,” and “Time After Time”), as well as many other tracks that emphasize his almost womanishly high vocals and a loungey mid-tempo groove. There are, perhaps, too many standards filling out the CD, and too many bossa nova-easy listening blends; if you’re going to hear that stuff, you’re much better off with an actual Brazilian singer who made it their main dish, like Astrud Gilberto…

1. Call Me
2. More I See You
3. Foolin Around
4. Very Thought Of You
5. Time After Time
6. There Will Never Be Another You
7. Where Are You Now
8. Because Of You
9. Face I Love
10. Our Day Will Come
11. Going Out Of My Head
12. Elena
13. Shadow Of Your Smile
14. Once I Loved (O Amor Em Paz)
15. Fly Me To The Moon
16. Keep Talkin
17. Love Is Here To Stay
18. Little White Lies
19. Just Friends
20. I Will Wait For You
21. I'm Glad There Is You (In This World Of Ordinary People)
22. End Of A Love Affair

click me

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pierre Henri and Spooky Tooth -Ceremony: An Electronic Mass (Weird as hell Prog)

Yet another, possibly the weirdest entry in the list of Catholic-Mass-as-pop albums. This is a brainchild of the french composer Pierre Henri, the XXth century classical/avantgarde artist, known for his experimental electronic music and musique concrete works. He enlisted a british blues-rock band Spooky Tooth as studio musicians. The end product sounds kinda like Hawkwind with Stockhausen instead of Dik Mik manning the electronics. The resulting LP was marketed as a Spooky Tooth album.

1. Confession
2. Have Mercy
3. Credo
4. Offering
5. Hosanna

(I didnt like the cover)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Kak - Kak-Ola (us 1969) Great Hippie Psych Rock

Psychelatte says: If you like this, you may also like the criminally underrated Tripsichord.

This highly talented, underrated band from Sacramento in California produced what is now one of the most sought-after psychedelic albums. Mellow laid-back tracks like I've Got Time and Flowing By are merged with up-tempo numbers like Disbelievin' and Electric Sailor. The excellent guitar playing of Patten and Yoder is evident throughout the album. Most tracks, particularly the final oneLemonaide Kid had considerable commercial potential and the band was clearly a victim of under-exposure, They disbanded in 1970. Yoder had earlier managed The Oxford Circle, issued a solo 45 Good Time Music/Flight From The East (Epic 10560) in 1970 and then played for a while in Blue Cheer. Patten was also in The Oxford Circle, and Damrell in Group "B". They performed various style of acid rock. This album was their only work and psychedelic classics.

01. "Hco 97658" 1:40
02. "Everything's Changing" 4:07
03. "Electric Sailor" 3:08
04. "Disbelievin'" 4:00
05. "I've Got Time" 3:41
06. "Flowing By" 3:58
07. "Bryte 'N' Clear Day" 3:47
08. "Trieulogy" 8:12 a. Golgotha (Yoder) b. Mirage (Grelecki/Yoder) c. Rain (Grelecki/Yoder)
10. "Rain (Single Version)" 2:06
11. "Everything's Changing (Previously Unissued Acoustic Demo)" 2:54
12. "I've Got Time (Previously Unissued Acoustic Demo)" 2:06
13. "Medley:Bye Bye / Easy Jack (Previously Unissued)" 4:14
14. "Bryte 'N' Clear Day (Previously Unissued Acoustic Live Version)" 6:10
15. "Medley:Mirage / Rain (Previously Unissued Acoustic Live Version)" 5:53
16. "When Love Comes In (Previously Unissued)" 2:50
17. "I Miss You (Previously Unissued)" 3:59
18. "Lonely People Blues (Previously Unissued)" 4:16
19. "Flight From The East" 4:13
20. "Good Time Music" 2:20

Tracks 1 to 15: Dehner C. Patten -lead guitar, vocals Gary L. Yoder -acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals Joseph D. Damrell -bass guitar, sitar, tambourine, vocals Christopher A. Lockheed -drums, tabla, harpsichord, maraccas, vocals Tracks 16, 17 and 18

musicians include; Gary L. Yoder -guitar, vocals Bruce Stephens -guitar Paul Whaley -drums Richard Berger -flute Ralph Kellogg -keyboards, bass Jim Keylor -bass Tracks 19 and 20 musicians include; Gary L. Yoder -guitar, vocals Pete Sears -keyboards Bryn Haworth -guitar Paul Whaley -drums Jim Keylor -bass Billie Barnum -backing vocals


Monday, 3 January 2011

Journey -Escape - the ORIGINAL 'Don't Stop Believin' band! FOR HEADBANGERS EVERYWHERE!

1. Don't Stop Believin'
2. Stone In Love
3. Who's Crying Now
4. Keep On Runnin'
5. Still They Ride
6. Escape
7. Lay It Down
8. Dead Or Alive
9. Mother, Father
10. Open Arms