Monday, 10 January 2011

Kak - Kak-Ola (us 1969) Great Hippie Psych Rock

Psychelatte says: If you like this, you may also like the criminally underrated Tripsichord.

This highly talented, underrated band from Sacramento in California produced what is now one of the most sought-after psychedelic albums. Mellow laid-back tracks like I've Got Time and Flowing By are merged with up-tempo numbers like Disbelievin' and Electric Sailor. The excellent guitar playing of Patten and Yoder is evident throughout the album. Most tracks, particularly the final oneLemonaide Kid had considerable commercial potential and the band was clearly a victim of under-exposure, They disbanded in 1970. Yoder had earlier managed The Oxford Circle, issued a solo 45 Good Time Music/Flight From The East (Epic 10560) in 1970 and then played for a while in Blue Cheer. Patten was also in The Oxford Circle, and Damrell in Group "B". They performed various style of acid rock. This album was their only work and psychedelic classics.

01. "Hco 97658" 1:40
02. "Everything's Changing" 4:07
03. "Electric Sailor" 3:08
04. "Disbelievin'" 4:00
05. "I've Got Time" 3:41
06. "Flowing By" 3:58
07. "Bryte 'N' Clear Day" 3:47
08. "Trieulogy" 8:12 a. Golgotha (Yoder) b. Mirage (Grelecki/Yoder) c. Rain (Grelecki/Yoder)
10. "Rain (Single Version)" 2:06
11. "Everything's Changing (Previously Unissued Acoustic Demo)" 2:54
12. "I've Got Time (Previously Unissued Acoustic Demo)" 2:06
13. "Medley:Bye Bye / Easy Jack (Previously Unissued)" 4:14
14. "Bryte 'N' Clear Day (Previously Unissued Acoustic Live Version)" 6:10
15. "Medley:Mirage / Rain (Previously Unissued Acoustic Live Version)" 5:53
16. "When Love Comes In (Previously Unissued)" 2:50
17. "I Miss You (Previously Unissued)" 3:59
18. "Lonely People Blues (Previously Unissued)" 4:16
19. "Flight From The East" 4:13
20. "Good Time Music" 2:20

Tracks 1 to 15: Dehner C. Patten -lead guitar, vocals Gary L. Yoder -acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals Joseph D. Damrell -bass guitar, sitar, tambourine, vocals Christopher A. Lockheed -drums, tabla, harpsichord, maraccas, vocals Tracks 16, 17 and 18

musicians include; Gary L. Yoder -guitar, vocals Bruce Stephens -guitar Paul Whaley -drums Richard Berger -flute Ralph Kellogg -keyboards, bass Jim Keylor -bass Tracks 19 and 20 musicians include; Gary L. Yoder -guitar, vocals Pete Sears -keyboards Bryn Haworth -guitar Paul Whaley -drums Jim Keylor -bass Billie Barnum -backing vocals