Saturday, 22 January 2011

Trader Horne - Morning Way (UK Folk-Psych 1970)

Trader Horne was a duo consisting of original Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble (vocals, electric nuto-harp, piano) and Jackie McAuley (vocals, acoustic guitar, harpsichord, organ, piano, flute, congas and celesta). This duo formed 1969 Trader Horne (the name of John Peel's nanny, apparently). A single was released called Sheena, with a Judy Dyble song on the flipside, Morning Way, which became the title track of this, their only album. On this album they are supported by Ray Elliot (flute and bass clarinet), John Godfrey (bass) and Andy White (drums). The songs are basically precious folk-pop ditties that are both cute and catchy, without being ingratiating. Those are rare qualities (otherwise I would appreciate pop music a lot more) and a result of good song writing. Released 1970 in UK on Dawn [DNLS 3004]. Personnel: Jackie McAuley -vocals, guitar, flute, piano, harpsichord, organ, congas, celeste Judy Dyble -vocals, electric auto-harp, piano Ray Elliot -alto flute, bass clarinet Joe Godfrey -bassAndy White -drums

1. Jenny May
2. Children Of Care
3. Three Rings For Eleven Kings
4. Growing Man
5. Down And Out Blues
6. The Mixed Up Kind
7. Better Than Today
8. In My Loneliness
9. Sheena
10. The Mutant
11. Morning Way
12. Velvet To Atone
13. Like That Never Was
14. Goodbye Mercy Kelly (bonus)
15. Here Comes the Rain (bonus)

morning way