Saturday, 7 April 2012

just a quick note from me

Hi fans, sorry i have been elsewhere engaged just recently. I have at .least 3 very good albums of different genres to upload very soon, so hold on a little longer! After the 9th April i will tidy up this site a bit & maybe get back into the business of posting more stuff. If i get round to it i may post the albums in a few hours from now..we'll see..


Peter said...

Just a little comment from me backatcha ...

you definitely have one of the more eclectic sites (for want of a wilder word). I like your background - webpage, not personal - one of those old carpet-furry wallpapers, but a pleasant decadently sensual shade of vermilionmauve. Also your matching banner - magic purple sunshine, in the words of another blog.

The 4shared links all seem to be premium only. Pity! :o)

I also liek the way you are transparent about "business" elements.

Lang may yer lum reek!