Saturday, 8 October 2011

***Modulo 1000 - 1972 Complete-Works-fantastic Brazilian Prog Rock/Psych - Ultra Rare***

Module 1000 is a hard rock group from Rio formed in 1969, which was short-lived. The quartet followed by a heavy line with clear influences from Black Sabbath and a touch of psychedelia a la Pink Floyd. Composed by Daniel (vocals, guitar), Louis Paul (organ), Eduardo (bass) and Candinho (drums), Module 1000 had on his resume participation in the V International Song Festival and the launch of a single album in 1971 that Today is a valuable item for dealers rare LPs. In the 1990s, a record collector of Rio de Janeiro bought the rights from the module 1000 and made Top Tape LP on CD with a limited number of copies (500 copies).

Reprint this stunning album uncertain Brazil since 1970. I really wild, psychotic, exotic, psychedelic progressive beast of Brazil - all these attributes, an extreme form of Long freaked-out songs driven by fury and massive organ fuzz - attacks WahWah guitar, distorted vocals was also added (Portuguese lyrics) that creep deep within the skull - one of the best the world has generally come with the original sound quality amazing three times the coverage is incredible remastered expanded edition of 8 recordings from the years 1970-1972. The only album (serious money worth in the original vinyl) from perfect, the Brazilian formation, playing catchy, rock (prog) heavy, psychedelic-influenced omnipresent. Distorted guitars, rhythms change and Hammond B3 organ sound massive ........ Undoubtedly one of the coolest albums and most original of South America - Brazil.