Thursday, 3 February 2011

***The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Volume One (US 1966) - Great & Legendary Psych band!***

Psychelatte says: One of my top fave Psych bands ever! They did a good half dozen wacky, melodic, funny and wigged out albums. I adore them!
"Volume One", not to be confused with the other album "Part One". This is their first album release, "Part One" was actually their second. Anyways this is a pretty interesting album. There are quite a few covers on this album. And they are pretty good ones at that.

01 -Something you got
02 -Work song
03 -Louie, louie
04 -Don't break my ballonn
05 -You really got me
06 -Don't let anything!!! Stand in your way
07 -I won't hurt you
08 -If you want this love
09 -Insanity
10 -It's all over now, baby blue
11 -She belongs to me
12 -She surely must know (previously unreleased)
13 -Sassafras
14 -She may call you up tonight
15 -One day (previously unissued)
16 -Funny how love can be (previously unissued)
17 -Obviously bad
18 -Endless night (previously unissued)
19 -Tell me what you want to know (previously unissued)
20 -Just you & me (previously unissued)
21 -Chimes of freedom (previously unissued)
22 -Scuse me miss rose (previously unissued instrumental)



Big Rabid said...

Don't forget that the mind behind is KIM FOWLEY. I hope you'll say something about him. His second lp is freaky psych!
Fond Regards