Tuesday, 3 May 2011

***REPOST: Psychelatte's Glass Freakout feat. Philip Glass works (Amended - extra folder enclosed!!)***
 is my offering of a Philip Glass compilation for the unitiated. I've included stuff that shows his wacky style as well as his gentler side. But mostly it's pretty hectic, rushing, vibrant stuff.
I havent included anything overtly operatic or anything too long and repetitive, so as not to alienate potential converts!
There's quite a lot of singing, but its mostly la la la's and pah pah pahs!! I think the pieces I've chosen are pretty accessible and not too challenging, yet still will hopefully take you to heady heights of supreme ecstasy and awe..(hmmm...!) Its not exhaustive by any means, but reasonably definitive, i believe.

Its just over 1 and a half hours. Hope you Enjoy!

**** UPDATE: I was peed off that my audio extraction from
"Geometry of Circles" played ok on my phone, but not on my mp3 player after i had already uploaded the files. I couldn't bear to miss it off, so everything is all re-done.
For those who want the audio, i have uploaded an extra folder with it contained therein, which also includes the above 2 videos..(obviously previous downloaders need only download the first folder).

Folder 1:

Geometry of Circles mp3 audio (should be ok now!!)
Geometry of Circles mp4 video
Channels & Winds with Japanese Hiroshima anime video, mp4
Channels & Winds, " " " " flv

Folder 2:

01b Act 1 A Gentleman's Honor (The Photographer)

02 Freezing (Songs From Liquid Days)

03 Channels & Winds (Passages - with Ravi Shankar)*

04 Act II Tagore Scene I Confrontation & Rescue (Satyagraha)

05 Face to Razor (The Candyman)*

06 Screens of Memory (1000 Airplanes on the Roof)

07 Pruit Igoe (Koyaanisqatsi)*

08 Video Dream (Powaqqatsi)*

09 Knee 3 (Einstein on the Beach)*

10 Dance VII (Glassworks)

11 The Encounter (1000 Airplanes on the Roof)

12 New Cities in Ancient Lands ( Powaqqatsi)*

13 Cocktail Party (Persephone - Orchestral Music - Archive II)

14 Act III Scene II Attack & Fall (Akhnaten)

15 Open the Kingdom (Songs from Liquid Days)

16 Dance IX (Glassworks)

*= album on this blog!

Part 1
Part 2


Doktor Alphonzo said...

Thank you very much for this - I had heard of, but never listened to Philip Glass - I am now totally absorbed into his abstract and beautiful world.

happy trails


psychelatte said...

Thankyou very much Doc!!

I am very happy to introduce you to some of the music i love. This is what my blog is all about! A voyage of discovery!!