Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mad Dog - Dawn of the Seventh Sun (1969 us aka C1/C2 great mix of heavy psychedelic, west coast, hard rock, jazz rock and soft ballads)

Surprisingly good, previously unreleased album of California psychedelia from 1969.

The singing isn't terrific, but it's ok, but the sun-drenched psychedelic leads are great and it has that vibe! "Monstruous & unreleased at the time heavy/psychedelic/westcoast artefact of the highest order.

This is one of the five best ever promo only releases to emerge from California.

Only released in a quantity of a couple of copies to get a major record deal that never materialized.

Three of the songs were used in a low-budget biker flick called "Black Angels".

The original demo lp had only a plain black label with no kinds of credits. We found this hidden gem looking for unreleased music by the band “The Zoo” of "Presents Chocolate Moose" fame.

The original producer told us that a demo only lp was released by “The Zoo” after the “Chocolate Moose” album.

The slightly different line-up had the name “Joyful Noise” (you can see a scan of the acetate in Hans Pokora’s 4001 record collector’s dream) but at this time they were looking for a tougher name to fit to the music and they found “Mad Dog”.

Under this name a couple of test pressings were done. So we made a re-release deal straight away. The tape was sent for remastering and cover artwork.

To our surprise the guy told us, after hearing the tape, that he knew the music and that it had already been re-released by another label without any kinds of info using the numbers from the dead end part of the vinyl wich was C1/C2!

The C was for Cavett, the producer’s name. Since the project was already paid, we decided to go on with the release to please collectors with an amazing remastering straight from the mastertapes, and an insert with unseen pictures and a band bio written by Morgan Cavett.

Track List:
01.Suite For Two Guitars
02.Military Disgust
03.Ala Ala
04.Fort Huachuca Blues
05.Everything's Alright
06.Dawn Of The Seventh Sun
07.The Fast Song
08.When It Touches You
09.Soulful Bowlful
10.Free Fall

Mad Dogs:
*Howard M. Leese (lead guitar, background vocals)
*Terry Gottlieb (bass, background vocals)
*Vincent "Murphy" Carfagna (rhythm guitar)
*Steve Goldstein (drums, percussion)
*Gary Witkosky (lead vocals, background vocals, tenor sax, flute)

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