Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bollywood Breaks -Various Artists

Shake around the house, 1 Mar 2001
By A Customer (Amazon uk)

Groovy stuff this. Haven't bought the 'Bollywood Funk' album yet, but shall do soon. Most of this is original Bollywood soundtrack, funked up with some sexy beats that make it perfect for shaking yer butt to. If you like the good Asian influenced dance music around at the moment, buy this. If you like a bit of Northen Soul, buy this. Some of the tracks are slightly hard work but not many. So don't analyse it too much, it's a CD full of groovy, fun tunes that'll make you smile...just kick off yer shoes and shake around the house.

Track Listings
1. Cosmic Flute
2. Tonight My Love
3. Saffron Sunset
4. In The Garden
5. Lover's Paradise
6. Traffic Jam
7. The Chase
8. Temptation

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