Saturday, 10 October 2009

Os Mundi - 43 Minuten (1972) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

"It's All There" -Os Mundi, 43 Minuten.

Just as Electric Prunes and Eela Craig did before and after them, Os Mundi from Berlin converted a Latin mass into the progressive and/or psychedelic rock format. Os Mundi was the brainchild of Udo Arndt. On the first album they were helped by guests Hartmut Seidel (bass) and David Kalckreuth (organ). The album was a tour de force with heavy, powerful guitars and garage organs. It had a dense, raw production, sinister atmosphere and made clever use of studio effects. Indeed, its dark atmosphere could easily be associated with a black mass, instead of a Latin mass! It sounded a bit like early Uriah Heep or Vanilla Fudge with similar, opera-like vocals. The second album 43 Minuten (recorded at Audio Studios in June 1972 with Konrad Plank) was a very, very different work. It was a more "mainstream" progressive rock recording, drawing more from jazz, folk and contemporary West Coast rock. Highlights of this album included "But Reality Will Show", a Holderlin-like ballad with the use of cello, and "Erstickubungen", a tremendous instrumental blow-out with gutsy, heavy guitar play from Udo. He later became a renowned rock and new wave record producer and engineer (Ian Cussick, Munchener Freiheit, Morgenrot, Steinwolke). Nowadays he's employed as an engineer and producer at the Audion Studio in Berlin.

01. A question of decision (7:40)
02. Triple (5:07)
03. Missile (3:05)
04. It's all there (4:08)
05. Isn't it beautiful (2:17)
06. But reality will show (6:30)
07. Children's games (7:59)
08. Erstickubungen (6:21)
09. Fortsentsung Folgt (1:17)

My Verdict: Fan-flippin-tastic!!


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