Thursday, 18 February 2010

***The Elastik Band- The Elastik Band (US Psych, inc. controversial song 'Spazz' and 19 more very good West-Coast sounding tunes)***

"Fire and Desire" -Elastik Band. Rocking!

If nothing else, you have to give a hand to the folks at Digital Cellars Records for scholarship. When the Elastik Band's infamous 1967 single "Spazz" began appearing on garage rock compilations back in the late '70s, the band was regarded as a complete mystery, and even when the cut appeared on the exhaustive Nuggets box set in 1998, annotator Mike Stax didn't have much to say about them except that they were from Belmont, CA and after releasing a second single they seemingly disappeared. But The Elastik Band collects a whopping 20 tunes from these fabled weirdos, more than most folks ever imagined existed, along with a brief but well-detailed liner essay on their short-lived career (including strange record label dealings, public outcry over their almost-hit, and a private gig playing for a famous organized crime figure). Truth to tell, most folks looking for more of the sneering thunder and gleeful bad taste that made "Spazz" so memorable will be disappointed; much of the material here is actually tuneful and well-crafted pop/rock with folkie or psychedelic overtones, and while these guys certainly display a sense of humor on oddball numbers like "Popcorn," there isn't anything else here that approaches the sound or approach of their most famous number. Lead guitarist Scott Williams shows off some impressive skills, the arrangements are clever and distinctive (especially the mixture of David Cortopassi's four- and seven-string guitars and Russell Kerger's piano), the vocal harmonies are superb, and the best songs suggest sunshine pop with something just a little bit wrong around the edges. The Elastik Band may not be the great lost-'60s garage punk band you'd expect, but judging from this collection they were talented guys deserving of re-appraisal and a more accurate perspective on their body of work. (As a bonus, this disc includes an aircheck of an Australian DJ pulling "Spazz" off the air two-thirds of the way through its first and last airing on 2UW.) ~ Mark Deming, All Music Guide

Scott Williams (Vocals (Background)), Cortopassi & Williams (Performer), Dan Morehouse (Orchestration), Scott Williams (Guitar (12 String)), Scott Williams (Guitar (Acoustic)), Scott Williams (Bass), Donn Landee (Engineer), Vince Silvera (Drums), David Cortopassi (Guitar), Scott Williams (Guitar), Brian Gardner (Producer), David Cortopassi (Vocals (Background)), Fred Cohn (Engineer), Scott Williams (Vocals), Russell Kerger (Wurlitzer), David Cortopassi (Vibraphone), Russell Kerger (Vocals (Background)), Normann Gregg H. Ratner (Producer), Vince Silvera (Vocals (Background)), David Cortopassi (Vocals), Brian Gardner (Engineer)


Elastik Band Theme/Got a Better Reason Now
Mixed Emotions
Think of Today
The Darkest Corner
Don't Say Love
Paper Maché
Fire & Desire
All I Need
The Word Is You
Pauper's Fugue
Turn Your Head
In a Family Tree
I Would Still Love You
Are You True
Mrs. Pig
Call Me Over
Lose Yourself
Going Going Going Gone
Spazz [Live]



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