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Analogy -Analogy (1972) Psych/Space Prog (Germany/Italy)

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Analogy wasn't a child of Germany in a strict sense. The members were German (with one exception) but never had an appearance there as a band. They worked together in Italy since 1968 using different names. The band's eponymous debut was released in 1972.

The album consists of seven songs with a krautrock attitude, an impressive mix of psychedelic, symphonic, jazz and blues rock. There is a lot of great hammond appearances to point out and the vocals are very unique -- she could take her voice up in a high soprano on the beautiful "Weeping My Endure" and then in a "lower" tone in the rocking "The Years at the Spring".

The title-track is with its nine minutes the longest and most complex one, going from energetic riffs to quiet parts where the organ and guitar creates some really mystical and haunting atmospheres. The opening track "Dark Reflections" is with its dramatic vocals, excellent melodic chorus and swirling organ-passages one of the very best tracks on the album. "Indian Meditation" features wordless vocals and some flute that fits well to the title of the track.

In September 1972 Pankoff left the band because of some disagreements about the musical direction. 1973 it came to a new collaboration with flute player Rocco Abate who was searching for new experiences. Thurn and Schoene composed a 30 minute set of thematically-linked musical pieces simply entitled "The Suite". In this work the classical music of the Renaissance-period was combined with progressive rock. Analogy played this suite several times live and received good reviews. With the growing money problems the group disbanded in November. "The Suite" was later completed and recorded in 1980.

Line-up :
- H. J. "Mops" Nienhaus / drums
- Jutta Nienhaus / lead vocals
- Nicola Pankoff / keyboards
- Wolfgang Schoene / bass
- Martin Thurn / 12 strings acoustic & electric guitars, flute, bongo, piano



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