Saturday, 30 January 2010

Apocalypse Medley- (My creation) -all songs from "Apocalypse"-Apocalypse. I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS KRAUTROCK PSYCH ALBUM, SORRY!!



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Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

This is indeed a fantastic album, I have that. When I saw your post yesterday, I was reminded of it, and I played it again.

Did you know that Hans-Joerg (Giorgio) Moroder produced this in 1969? And that Juergen Drews is one of the singers?

Every German knows Juergen Drews. He joined the Les Humphries Singers in 1970 and stayed with them until the bitter end in 1976, the his solo career took off. He had his biggest hit in 1976 with the german version of "Let your love flow" (Ein Bett im Kornfeld). Until this day he must sing that song everywhere he goes.

Over time he developped a weird stage image, he attracts mostly underclass people with very simple tastes and minds. And he plays to their taste (unfortunately I say).

But Drews is really a very educated guy, and when you hear him talk seriously (not to drunken german apes in Mallorca, but to a journalist) you would be shocked how educated and learned he is. You would not have thought so after his beer-tent shows for drunken german idiots in spanish tourist centers.

So here is where it started for him. Before his Schlager career and before his time with the LHS, he was a student of architecture in West Berlin and made music with his friends. Eventually he broke up his studies and became a full musician.

This album is actually already the second one of this group. Oh, and by the way: the original name of this group was "Die Anderen" (The Others), Apocalypse was the title of this LP and in the english speaking territories they went with that name also for their group.

If you (or anybody reading this) are/is interested in their first LP from 1968, here is a link (resp. several links, all will give the same album):

It was re-issued in 1970 under yet another name (Kannibal Komix), that is why the rpdsh link is called so. The original version of the first LP came out in West Germany in 1968 with their original name "Die Anderen".

Here is some info I got from a blog 2 years ago (now deleted, that is why I am copying and pasting the text, as the link to the blog would lead nowhere):

Kannibal Komix
(1970 Colossus Lp)

A German band, Kannibal Komix included an italian member (Juergen Drews, Gerd Mueller and Bernd Scheffler were German, bass player Enrico Lombardi was from Piacenza), and had some notoriety following an appearance in german and english TV shows.

Their LP Kannibal Komix was released in 1968 in Germany, and later chosen by the US filmmaker George Moorse as soundtrack for his film "The House In White". The Lp was hence issued in the USA on Colossus in 1970 and in Italy by Saint Martin in 1971 with a single cover.

Housed in a distinctive cover (with a nude woman riding a horse), the Lp is still influenced by a late 60's UK psych/pop style, with 12 short tracks, and has no connections at all with the italian 70's progressive style.

The blog's text ends here. I am adding the links here as I think both LPs belong together. And since you love the second one so much, who knows, maybe you will enjoy this earlier one too?

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

P.S. My favourite songs on this album are "Let it die" and "Linda Jones". In both you hear Juergen's voice clearly.

I especially love Linda Jones, as all 4 voices are coming out separately, but at the same time. I have only a stereo system (not quadrophonic), and I wonder whether the 4 voices would come out separately on 4 speakers. I have only 2 speakers, and the effect is already great!

Oh, and on "Patricia" and also "Linda Jones' I find they sound VERY much like the young David Bowie. You know, he released similar music in the 60s, and when comparing the early Bowie stuff with this album, I would bet there was an influence. Or is it all coincidence? Interesting also that "Jones" is also Bowie's real name! Haha...

psychelatte said...

I agree with you, i love Linda Jones and Let it die too. yes it definitely sounds Bowiesque and a tad beatlesque as well!

Thanks for the info on the other album. I downloaded that one a while ago and didn't think it was up to much really!!

It's a shame they didn't carry on after 1969. i love that guy's voice!

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

The reason why they didn't carry on after 1969 is quite simple: Juergen Drews left to become a member of the Les Humphries Singers in 1970, and I assume the others did not have the ability/energy/will to continue without him.

They could have replaced him, and of course I don't know whether they actually did that. But it seems there are no more album releases after Juergen had left.

Moroder's career also took off around that time (1969), he had his first hits on his own and with Michael Holm together (as Spinache). So I guess he was to busy to look after the 3 left-over boys.

I have no idea what happenend to them. Maybe they went back into their regular lives and took real jobs? I really don't know.

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