Friday, 15 January 2010

***REPOST: Solaris -The Martian Chronicles (Marsbéli Krónikák) 1984 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!***

If you like Jean Michel Jarre or War of the Worlds, you should love this!

Review by loserboy (James Unger)PROG REVIEWER from"Marsbeli Kronikak" (Martian Chronlicles) is one of the greatest symphonic prog albums of all time. SOLARIS provide some great swirling keyboards (and lots of them) swirling keyboards (and lots of them), injected with some incredible flute, bass and guitar, surrounded by complex drumming . This recording moves in and out of many different moods throughout the recording taking on many different personas. This is some of the coolest space instrumental prog you will ever hear. The intro is quite psyched out and has some alien child like voices throughout providing an very uneasy feeling. After the "Martian Chronicle Suite" we are treated to a couple of extra tracks which seem to blend in quite well actually. This recording is essential in my books and I am sure all lovers of space symphonic prog will be drooling over this one.

Review by Steve Hegede (Steve Hegede)PROG REVIEWER from"The Martian Chronicles" was released in 1983, and quickly became a hit in Hungary. But, it wasn't until about 1995, after SOLARIS played Progfest '95, that the rest of the prog world got a chance to discover this Eastern European gem. The album starts off with a side-long epic entitled "The Martian Chronicles Parts 1-6" which mixes Klaus SCHULZE-like synth work, with overly melodic interplay between piano, guitar, and flute. Nothing here gets too complex, rather the band seemed to have focused on creating beautiful, and playful, themes. After the side-long epic, things get a bit more aggressive with my favorite piece called "Mars Poetica". In my opinion, this sounds like a progressive, and instrumental, version of IRON MAIDEN with flutes, Moog synths thrown in. The album goes on to end with a few more shorters tracks that feature aggressive synth solos, melodic flute interludes, and metal-guitar riffing. A classic!

01. Marsbéli krónikák I. (3:34)
02. Marsbéli krónikák II.-III. (6:32)
03. Marsbéli krónikák IV.-VI. (13:15)
04. M'ars poetica (6:39)
05. Ha felszáll a köd (3:58)
06. Apokalipszis (3:44)
07. E-moll elõjáték (0:29)
08. Legyõzhetetlen (2:46)
09. Solaris (4:53)
10. Orchideák bolygója (3:17)
11. A sárga kör (4:54)