Friday, 15 January 2010

Andy Votel -Music to Watch Girls Cry

And I thought I knew a lot of obscure tracks!!
Only a lifetime devoted to the unusual and strange on vinyl could enable Mr Votel to compile this mix album.
There's no track listing so perhaps these tracks are destined to remain anonymous - but I'd still love to know what some of them are.
If you liked DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's Brainfreeze or David Holmes's Free Association mix then you'll love this - but be sure to bring your sense of humour.
There is some funk and soul - but also French yeye, garage sounding rockiness, Indian flavours, movie sountracks, folk and even something that sounds like Krautrock - but don't be put off!
At times it sounds like a soundtrack to a sixties swinging London film - if they'd invented turntablism and eclectic mixes in those days.
The sheer unlikely, joyous, juxtaposition of these tunes brings out something that I'm sure most would not pick up if these listen to these songs in isolation.
The mixing is a little cut and paste at times and seems to drift off in quality towards the end - but that's just a small criticism. There are apparently 75 tracks in 76 minutes so its no surprise if its a little raw - but that only adds to its carefree anything-goes nature.
As the number of corporate mixes seems to be on the increase and you can't move for generic computerized 'Ibiza' 'Beach' 'Misery of Sound' boring and unimaginative mixes this is a welcome breath of fresh air.
More please.



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