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Catharsis -Illuminations (1975)

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Illuminations contains the surplus recordings of their first album from June and November 1971.

The tracks are dark, lyrical, poetical, calm, dreamy-like musical journeys that are almost exclusively performed for a chamber ensemble. Acoustic instruments (percussions, flute...) dominate the content but there's also a priority for vintage organic / synth waves and fragile, distinctive female voices.

The introduction track starts the melancholic "trip" with an unforgotten instrumental for acoustic percussions and ultra-introspective, ethereal organs, absolutely beautiful. "La mort des amants" is an other elegiac, celestial piece, played for acoustic guitars and lead by plaintive, meditative Charlotte vocals. "Ballade des pendus" features a strange, delicate and moody atmosphere, including a large variety of percussive effects and dark synth strings. "En revenant de la noce" is a great variation of ancient dancing music.

The musical variety is greater than their previous albums, ranging from the trancendental "Aube" via uncommon treatments of music from the 17th and 18th Century, to the childish "Mignonne Allons Voir". Among these short pieces are some of Catharsis' finest recordings.

This is a melodic, floating album made with invention and devoted to the combination of neo-classical chamber progressive music with psychedelic, visceral organic music.

Line-up :
- Patrik Moulia / guitars, percussion
- Charlie Eddi / drums, percussion
- Yves de Roubaix / bass, guitar
- Roland Bocquet / keyboards
- Allain Geoffroy / piano, charango
- Charlotte / vocals, percussion

Track List :
01. Aube - 3:43
02. La Mort Des Amants - 3:05
03. Ballade Des Pendus - 3:48
04. En Revenant De La Noce - 1:59
05. Mignonne Allons Voir Si La Rose... - 1:57
06. Le Canard Blanc - 2:30
07. Illuminations - 3:10
08. Poemes Du 17e Siecle - 2:06
09. Alchimie Du Verbe (2e Partie) - 6:34

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