Saturday, 23 January 2010

Catharsis -Le Bolero Du Veau Des Dames (1976)

Melba -Catharsis (from Le Bolero Du Veau Des Dames)

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In their first album of new material in three years (the previous album was composed of unreleased early recordings), Catharsis has forgotten a bit their psych roots and developed a stronger symphonic sound.

Although an organ-dominated sound, Catharsis' music sounds a tad different than other bands, as Bocquet's organ is a Farsifa, rather than the usual Hammond. Right from the first notes of Palace, you'll see easily that you are in a very different kind of musical realm. Some tracks like Melba still have a Floydian streak, but most include a fair bit of very tasteful brand of symphonic rock between Camel and Genesis.

The highlight of the album is clearly the 10-mins title track, which spends all its duration throughout, changing through a myriad of moods and ambiances much like a better version of Camel (and even sometimes close to Caravan and Genesis) and French compatriots Carpe Diem. Also among the better tracks is Docteur Pleu, which has some delightful spacey sounds as well as some near-orgasmic breathing over a not-so steady beat, before breaking into a very Genesis-type of close.

Line-up :
- Roland Bocquet / organ, piano, vocal
- Charles Eddie / percussions, vibraphone
- Claude / guitar, sitar
- Michel / bass

Track List :
01. Palace - 5:38
02. Tango - 2:45
03. Docteur Pleu - 6:01
04. Styx - 3:07
05. Melba - 5:10
06. Le Bolero du Veau des Dames - 10:31