Monday, 18 January 2010

Toto Blanke -Electric Circus (More Brilliant Jazz-Fusion Krautrock Prog!)

Toto Blanke was Guitarist in the German-Dutch avant-jazz band Association PC, achieving fame as one of the most dazzling fusion guitarists in Europe. As soloist, group leader, and Electric Circus, he's been prolific and varied. From fiery fusion akin to Mahavishnu Orchestra, via spacey Dauner territoty and some weirdo jazz Heldon diversions, onto FOOL'S PARADISE, which does its utmost best to defy description! Toto also works with Czech jazz guitarist Rudolf Dasek, doing classical jazz.

Jazz-rock at its finest!


Anonymous said...

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Starfighter said...

Hello, link takes me to a different album (Friends with Stu Goldberg) - do you have "Electric Circus" as well?


psychelatte said...

hi, Starfighter, to be honest i have no idea what is going on here..i vaguely recall the same feeling when i downloaded it..but i am not sure what i discovered. best to do a search for the album you want on Google Blog search or