Saturday, 23 January 2010

Catharsis - Les Chevrons (1972 -France) (@256) ABSOLUTE MUST MESMERISING RIOT!

"Les Chevrons" -Catharsis. title track. mesmerising brilliance!!!

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Three members quit the band before the recording of their second album, Les Chevrons. However their sound didn't change much. There are more tracks and they are more compressed (giving way to more melodies) without spoiling the characteristic spontaneous feel of their charming music.

As usual it's largely dominated by synth chords, lyrical female voices and acoustic instruments. "Les chevrons" is a vast catalogue of epic, short symphonic rock songs with folkish accents. All compositions sound really weird, sometimes catching with irony the sound of medieval ancient dancing music. However there's nothing gothic, ambiences are colourful, luminous and turned to positive energies.

"Ouverture" is an eccentric acoustic medieval incursion with chorus, organs and percussions, featuring progressive harmonies & arrengements (a lot of variations and changing textures). An humorous epic introduction. "Rien" srarts with percussive parts and chanting organs in a very folkish style, pursued by heroic keyboards, church like organ for light melodies. "Solstice" is a bizarre composition for malefic keys & fantomatic female / male voices. "Les chevrons" once again starts with a grandiose church like organ imitation, then carries on a pseudo sinister symphonic composition altered by parodies.

This album delivers really strange atmospheres, with delirious, eccentric ingredients, crazy keyboards.

Line-up :
- Yves de Roubaix / bass, guitar, vocals
- Charlie Eddie / drums, percussion
- Roland Bocquet / keyboards, vocals
- Patrick Mouila / vocals, guitar, percussion

Track List :
01. Ouverture - 2:23
02. Rien - 5:20
03. Solstice - 3:14
04. Les Chevrons - 5:01
05. Sirius - 6:35
06. Chelum - 6:55
07. Les Chevrons (Bonus) - 2:39