Saturday, 23 January 2010

Pell Mell -Marburg (1972)

Not to be confused with a 1980s American band of the same name, Pell Mell was a symphonic band from Marburg, Germany(Marburg is also the name of the debut album). The band was formed in 1971 by keyboard player Otto Pusch, bass player Jorg Gotzfried, Rudolf Schon on vocals, recorder, and guitar, drummer Mitch Kniesmeijer, and Thomas Schmitt on violin, guitar, and vocals. The first album is characterized by a rough edge, especially in the vocals. Subsequent albums would smooth out the edges. However, there are aspects reminiscent of Hawkwind, HP Lovecraft, The Nice, and even ELP. Mellotron and classical themes are abundant. It also should be pleasing to fans Krautrock Over the next releases they would explore the realm of Mike Oldfield, and then settle into keyboard dominated symphonic The old psychedelic sounds completely gone. Much of the music is considered some of the best German symphonic ever recorded The usual lineup changes occurred over time, and the band began to disintegrate after 1978's "Only a Star." Thomas Schmitt formed the '80s style rock band Skyrider, with former band mate Otto Pusch. They released one self-titled album, and then took back the name Pell Mell. This incarnation released "Moldau" in 1981 However, the old magic was gone, and that is where the Pell Mell story ends. H.T. Riekels (bhikkhu) - http://



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