Thursday, 28 January 2010

Et Cetera (France, Canada)) -Et Cetera (1976)FANTASTIC JAZZY PROG & SWEET FRENCH FEMALE VOCALS!!

"A French-Canadian progressive band, Et Cetera will undoubtedly appeal to "Gentle Giant" fans. The major difference being though the vocals , as we have here a female vocalist, and a good one too.

Very tight and impressively played music with myriads of intricasies and complexities.

Besides " Gentle Giant" there's also just a hint of "Pulsar" and "Focus" in places. In fact some of the classical and electric guitar solos reminds me a little of " Jan Akkerman"

A very nice album indeed then ,every track is really excellent with plenty of variety in the instrument department."

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. La Musique Tourne (4:04)
2. Éclaircie (5:14)
3. Entre Chien Et Loup (7:02)
4. Apostrophe (4:49)
5. Newton Avait Raison (4:11)
6. L'Age Dort (4:34)
7. Tandem (6:08)

Total Time: 36:02

Line-up / Musicians

- Marie Bernard Pagé / keyboards, ondes Martenot, vocals
- Denis Chartrand / keyboards, flute, saxophone, vibraphone, vocals
- Pierre Dragon / drums, percussion
- Robert Marchand / guitars, vocals
- Alain Yves Pigeon / bass, cello, vocals



Anonymous said...

I thought they were Canadian?
great post!

psychelatte said...

actually yeah, i think they were half and half! I'll change the title of post!! Glad you like album!!