Friday, 15 January 2010

Eroc 4 (1982)

Eroc (Joachim Heinz Ehrig) started his solo career in 1975 while he was currently the drummer of Grobschnitt. His self titled album can be considered as a cross between Grobschnitt’s typical symphonic amazing music and electronic/ synthscapes dominated by numerous original sound manipulations. Despite that he was originally recognised as a drummer, here Eroc is the man behind the machines,controlling solid essays in synth experimentations and electronic collages. His first album is an absolute must have in Kraut- electronic genre, very abstract, emotional and a mix of different moods. His following album Zwei continues to process by a combination between rock and electronic but focused on short, efficient sketches.
Humour and derision are clearly exposed in the lyrics and recitations.
Zwei is a reminiscence of Grobschnitt’s theatrical universe with lot of gags, but the atmosphere is much more introspective, sometimes delivering deliciously melancholic melodies. After this two first very recommended efforts, Eroc pursues his solo career notably providing a kind of reunion, family album Eroc 3 with others Grobschnitt members.

In parallel he also started a professional career as music producer, recently published albums of Jane, Grobschnitt among others.

1975 Eroc - Eroc
1976 Eroc - Zwei
1979 Eroc - Eroc 3
1982 Eroc - Eroc 4
1987 Eroc - Changing Skies
1997 Eroc & Hans Reichel - The Return Of Onkel Boskopp
1998 Eroc - Eroc's Wolkenreisen

01 Piratensender Kolibri
02 Hundertwasser
03 Zimperlein
04 Vogelfrei
05 Javea
06 Tausendwasser
07 Krieg der Zwerge
08 Von der Insel
09 Brauntöne
10 Hagener Wellenreiter
11 Let's gläntz
12 Wer rettet die Welt
13 Alles Inordnung
14 Detlef ist weg
15 Die Kinder ziehen fort
16 Der Prophet
17 Sonntagsfahrt
18 Fantastico
19 Radio Puschkino
20 Auf Widder Hörn