Thursday, 1 September 2011

***Eden's Children - Eden's Children/Sure Looks Real (1968/69 us, psychedelic rock, bosstown sound, 2006 remaster, two albums - MP3 320k)***

In the dark depths of the Bosstown Sound backlash it would be hard to champion your scene amidst charges of 'plastic' and 'lame'. This was the time we threw Eden's Children in their face. Their album was released just after the initial brouhaha so they wern't lumped in with the other groups as much. When they were they held their own.

Eden's Children were on ABC records produced by heavy hitter Bob Theile and they even sounded a little different than the rest. They were more gritty. Still psychedelic they were closer to Hendrix than the Grateful Dead. They were top of the heap for many locals as illustrated in the poll I have included in the radio broadcast on the main page. Their first LP is self-titled Eden's Children and is another album that was always played at parties. Packed with good songs and playing, it never flags.

The Children were a three piece group. All were very good players. Larry Kiley the bass player and Jimmy Sturman the drummer were a constantly interesting rhythm section. The main songwriter/singer was Richard 'Sham' Schamach who was also a great guitar player. If you put on the second Eden's Children album, you first hear the song Sure Looks Real It sounds similiar to the songs on the first album but as the album progresses it seems like something is wrong. This reminds me of what happened to the second Spinach album (although their case was much worse).

You have all the elements of the first album but the sound has been eviscerated. It's flat and thin even though the playing is just fine. I throw the blame here on the engineers at ABC. In this case they seem like they don't know how to record a rock group. The bass has no punch at all even though Kiley is playing just fine.The guitar tone on Things Gone Wrong solo is so bad that the person responsible should spend time in a Donald Rumsfeld run prison. It's not a wash out and a dedicated listener will hear good songs and playing minus a punchy group sound.

Eden's Children never got the attention that they deserved. Alan White over at the NEMS site says that Richard 'Sham' Schamach was on the radar at some point claiming to have a live tape that he was going to release. Well, Sham, please before we all die, get it out.
-The Boston Sound

Eden's Children
1. Knocked Out - 3:16
2. Goodbye Girl - 3:20
3. If She’s Right - 2:34
4. I Wonder Why - 3:29
5. Stone Fox - 3:05
6. My Bad Habit - 2:22
7. Just Let Go - 7:43
8. Out Where The Light Fish Live - 5:05
9. Don’t Tell Me - 4:48
Sure Looks Real
10.Sure Looks Real - 4:29
11.Toasted (Larry Kiley) - 2:05
12.Spirit Call - 2:44
13.Come When I Call - 3:44
14.Awakening - 2:08
15.The Clock’s Imagination - 2:54
16.Things Gone Wrong - 4:06
17.Wings (Larry Kiley) - 2:40
18.Call It Design - 3:20
19.Invitation - 3:36
20.Echoes - 2:20
All songs written by Richard 'Sham' Schamach, except where noted.

Eden's Children
*Richard "Sham" Schamach - Vocals, Guitar
*Larry Kiley - Bass
*Jimmy Sturman - Drums