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Coupla Prog -Sprite (1970-71 Fantastic German Heavy Prog-Psych)

Coupla Prog from Baden-Baden/Germany is known for a melange of kraut and heavy bluesrock, full of suspense, theatrical in parts, with a derivative sense of professionality. The new band name results from a shortened version of "A Couple Of Progs".Though they were active between 1969-1975; the band's complete material is live played, pure, without reworking and overdubbing, the result of sessions recorded at studio U1 of Radio Südwestfunk between 1970 and 1972. Heavy blues rock, blues, electronic music, free style, occassional classical music references and echoes of post Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Vanilla Fudge but also Procol Harum distinguished the sound of the band.

The music is extremely varied, never commercially oriented, but always homogenous and exciting music, which occasionally diverge from the well travelled tracks of kraut and prog rock. Talented craftsmen, the band captures the zeitgeist of the era.The group played not only in relevant clubs and youth centres but also to large audiences at open-air concerts in Karlsruhe and Heidelberg.Although the group never managed to secure a record company deal they did, thanks to SWF, leave behind an extensive and musically valuable legacy for underground and progressive rock fans. Highly addictive.
"Sprite" contains 7 tracks that were recorded on 26.02.1970 and 16.04.1971.

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Line-up :
- Rolf Peters / guitar, vocals
- Reiner Niketta / bass, piano
- Wolfgang Schindhelm / organ, piano, trumpet, vocals
- Hubert Donauer / drums

Track List :
01. I Wanna Be Free (5:10)
02. Goodbye, Guns, Be By Gones (11:45)
03. The Queen Is Selling Out (9:30)
04. Die Wut Über Den Verlorenen Groschen - The Anger Of The Lost Penny (4:35)
05. Ode To The Vanilla Fudge (7:00)
06. Auf Dass Er Sich Im Grabe Umdrehe - He Would Turn In His Grave (12:00)
07. Dies Irae - De Mortuis (5:00)

Intense awesomeness!!