Thursday, 3 December 2009

Design -Design/Tomorrow is So Far Away (2 LPS) -Rare vinyl rip of band featured on Fading Yellow 5)

Design -Design. Sunshine Psych Pop, vocal harmony and sparkly acoustic fans will fairly gag when they hear this masterpiece. It would definitely fall into the Free Design and Collage domain but like the others, occupies its own unique locale and that locale might be called 'Art'. The musical arrangements are stunning and the vocal arrangements are creative but never inaccessible. The songwriting ranges from perky to zany to introspective to ethereal and on and on - exemplary.

1. Coloured Mile
2. Willow Stream
3. Marguaretta
4. The Lonely
5. Thinkin
6. Matchbox Man
7. The Minstrel's Theme
8. Speak
9. Buttercup Stranger
10. Children Of The Mist
11. Dawn Chorus

All songs by A.C. Smith except The Minstrel's Theme by Barry Johnston
Musical Director: Sydney Dale
Vocal Arrangements: Tony Smith

DESIGN: Kathy Manuell, Gabrielle Field, Tony Smith, Barry Johnston, Geoff Ramseyer and John Morgan Original B&W Graphic: Karenlee Grant

Design - Tomorrow Is So Far Away -Two of the original group members have been replaced but the essence is the same. The opening track, Take A Boat is as sensational as any cut from the 1st album as are a number of the others like Sad Fisherman and Love Is. There is an artful cover of the Beatle's Strawberry Fields Forever and a lush and faithful cover of The Groop's The Jet Song. One more cover is Paul McCartney's Man We Was Lonely that the group does beautifully by - a sight better than Paul himself did with this substandard, throw-away tune. Also of note is the album's title track, the lovely and tender Tomorrow Is So Far Away.

track listing :

Take A Boat
Jet Song
Ladybird Don't Fly
Strawberry Fields Forever
Tomorrow Is So Far Away
Sad Fisherman
Butterfly Catcher
The Time Has Come
Man We Was Lonely


Barry Alexander : vocals
Gabrielle Field : vocals
Kathy Manuell : vocals
Geoff Ramseyer : vocals
Chris Spedding : guitars
Alan Parker : guitars
Herbie Flowers : bass
Tony Campo : bass
Clem Cattini : drums
Roger Coulam : keyboards
Alan Hawkshaw : keyboards

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psychelatte said...

Very nice stuff!!

pooka said...

no chance to dl?

psychelatte said...

pleaase note the download link is hidden in my comment above! all you have to do is click on it!! hope you enjoy the albums!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks man tjis rules!!!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, I was trying to look up the release date for Tomorrow Is So Far Away and zap, MORE Design AND a really outstanding music blog I never saw before. It's a Golden Age of sorts, and of course that's because of the work of people like YOU!

psychelatte said...

thanks man!! belated thanks for your heartfelt comment, much appreciated from a pretty novice blogger like myself!! :)

murn1 said...

Design fans will be welcome at the Yahoo group design_music. We are now getting input direct from a band member and there is a possible CD release in the pipeline. Lots of interesting information available ! - Neil.

yahwehfrk said...

I just found out about this group and so I am trying to find all of their albums. Glad I didn't have to look too far. Thank you very much

psychelatte said...

Hey, i just found out Design did 2 more albums in the 70's (not including Day of the Fox) and if i get hold of them i will post them up!