Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Psychelatte's Playlist -Essential tracks, Essential Albums!

"Marsbeli Kronikak" (The Martian Chronicles) -Solaris. Coool Cool album from a Cool cool band. Space ROCKS!!

"Epistle to Paradise" -The Plastic Cloud. As good as the rest of their fab album.

"Gone with the Mouse"- Fuchsia

"...and the madness" -Cornucopia. Typical mad track from this wacky album. Love it!

Eroc (from Eroc 1st album 1975)-Typical nuts experimental electronic tomfoolery from Mr. Eroc. I love him!

"Summer for the Rose" Dr. Z -typical track. Love it!!

The Garden of Earthly Delights -United States of America -Awesome track, one of many great great tracks off this essential psych masterpiece!

"Stresemannstrasse" -Liliental. LISTEN!!

"High Evolution" -Novalis

"And I was Blue"- Sunforest.

"Vision On" -The Tv Sets...Wow isn't this the greatest theme tune??

"Eli's Coming" -Affinity. Love it, love it, love it!

"The Four Horsemen" -Aphrodite's Child, -("666"). -Demis Roussos in fine vocal form!!

"Little Ruby Rain" -Markley. -Delightful! (as is the rest of the album).

"Will you Walk with Me" -The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Vol 1. Lovely melody as they so often do,

"Hurry Sundown" -The Bubble Puppy. Love the guitar work on this album!

"Haunted Island" -Agitation Free ("2nd). spooky!

"Anyone's Daughter" -Anyone's Daughter (From "Adonis") -The rest of the album is really as good as this!

"It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl" -Faust ("So Far")

"Fly" -Epitaph. (Stop,Look and Listen) -surprising variety of styles on this great rocking album!

"The Kettle" -Colosseum