Monday, 15 March 2010

*****Bjork - Selmasongs -from her fantastic sad musical '"Dancer in the Dark" (DON'T MISS!!)*****

**Psychelatte says: This is really a plug for her film, the album doesn't mean much without seeing the powerfully sad film the songs come from, so I IMPLORE YOU to see it! (There is a link below to watch the entire film on Youtube). It is so beautiful & amazing, and so is the music.

"I've Seen it All"


(If you prefer the movie versions of the above 2 songs, (which I do), then
you can download the Free Youtube to MP3
, which will extract the audio from the video for a perfect mp3!)

This is the amazing sad musical starring Bjork as a poor Czech factory girl, in love with musicals, who's going blind, working all hours to pay for an operation for her son so that he doesn't have to go blind too.

You can watch the whole film now on Youtube, in 14 parts, starting from here:

Dancer in the Dark, part 1/14

Youtube viewer reactions:

-No matter how many times I see this scene, I still cry. Brilliantly acted and very powerful NeoEvangelion (2 years ago)
I'm hysterically crying...there are tears all over my keyboard. I feel so sad and sort of nauseous...this is such an amazing movie. I can't even describe it... princedepressia (2 years ago)

-Oh god I can't stop crying... I just can´t Bj√∂rk is such a great actress. I can feel the pain like I actually know her character personally. Thank you so much for uploading the movie ChildofFangorn (2 years ago)

-I've _never_ cryed this much for a movie before in my entire life. So sad .AinaaAzhar (2 years ago)

-It's weird. I can't cry. I'm shaken and nauseous and shaken and... purtiepoppies (2 years ago)

-OMG I'm bawling my eyes out right now. That was the saddest film I have ever seen. It was so amazing though. joyoust (2 years ago)

-I saw this years ago and just found it last week. But, I could not bring myself to see it again until tonight. It is an amazing performance from Bjork, her music is beautiful, and as she has decided not to make another film, we've lost
a excellent actress. I cannot think of another film as devastating as this. I don't think I can watch it again. maxyboy44 i --

just whatched the whole movie, thanks so much for uploading.

-first time i saw this movie i cried like somekind of*tearmachine*...which
means that it is a freaking good movie," cephalicus/

-i watched this moving knowing only how much i love Bjork- other then that, i didn't know anything about it. It wrecked me for about 3 days. The most brilliantly heartbreaking thing i've ever encountered.Bjork is magical." codifiedmatter

01. Overture
02. Cvalda [W catherine Deneuve
03. I've Seen It All [W. Thom Yorke]
04. Scatterheart
05. In The Musicals
06. 107 Steps [W siobhan Fallon]
07. New World [W Massive Attack]



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