Thursday, 4 March 2010

*****The Eyes of Blue -In Fields of Ardath- (1969) WONDERFUL PSYCH ALBUM, GREAT TUNES AND ATMOSPHERE!!***

**Psychelatte says: I LOVE THIS PSYCH ALBUM!! I've played it non-stop since I found it. Much more interesting and spellbinding than their first. Please give it a try!!

Wyndham Rees was eased out of the Eyes Of Blue before the spring of 1969, having reputedly contributed little to the band. He was present during most of the Chappell Studios early recording sessions for the group's second album 'In Fields Of Ardath' but was gone by the time they gravitated to more modern eight-track facilities. It was released in November and is generally regarded as the more successful and 'progressive' of the two albums released under the Eyes Of Blue name. Quincy Jones supplied the sleevenotes this time, and commented; "All the ethnic qualities which I had recalled about the people of Wales were manifest in that tape. There was a native sensuality in their playing. Eyes Of Blue was musically curious." The record has also been described as having "Pop, R&B jazz, classical, psychedelic and Eastern influences." A fair sprinkling one must admit."

(side 1)
01. Merry Go Round (From the Film Toy-Grabbers) (Ritchie Francis) 9:13
02. The Light We See (Gary Pickford-Hopkins) 2:19
03. Souvenirs (Tribute To Django) (instrumental) (Django Reinhard – S. Grapelly) 2:49
04. Ardath (John Weathers) 2:45
05. Spanish Blues (Graham Bond) 4:06

(side 2)
01. Door (The Child That Is Born On the Sabbath Day) (Rhil Ryan) 6:53
02. Little Bird (Ritchie Francis) 2:42
03. After the War (Gary Pickford-Hopkins) 3:40
04. Extra Hour (Phil Ryan) 2:40
05. Chances (Ritchie Francis) 3:06



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