Wednesday, 10 March 2010

***Halfnelson (pre-Sparks) A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing -very rare '68 charming, whimsical Psych-pop Demo album, excellent fun!***

**Psychelatte says: this is a super early psych-pop bit of fun from the U.S band that later became the well-known glam-rock legends called Sparks. This demo version of the album is DIFFERENT from the official Halfnelson release a few years later, with completely different (and in my opinion, better) songs. If you like Syd Barrett sounding songs (with the occasional operatic tendency!) Plus lots of swirling organ, you'll LOVE this! I can't see that it has been featured on any other blogspots offering Psych, so I'm very happy to oblige! xxx

Ron Mael Russ Mael and Earle Mankey made quite a lot of home recordings during the late 60's and the most famous one was the Halfnelson's "A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing" demo (not to be confused with the second official Sparks' Bearsville album). The band was Russell Mae(vocals & bass), Ron Mael (keyboards), Earle Mankey (guitar & vocals) All the songs had been written by the Maels. There are two songs on this demo, which were early versions of songs : " The War" available later on the official Bearsville release. The demo album was produced by Earle Mankey who also sang " Mountain". More info here. The demo version of the album was packaged in a large rectangular box resembling a restaurant checkbook. A hand-written bill for " $100,000 For One Halfnelson Album" was scrawled on the checkbook. Inside were photos, a bio, and the vinyl disc.

Songs :
Chile Farm Farney /
Johnny's Adventure /
Roger / Arts & Crafts Spectacular
/ Landlady /
The Animals At Jason's Bar & Grill /
Big Rock Candy Mountain /
Millie /
Saccharin And The War /
Join The Firm /
Jane Church /
The Factory

60's Sparks!:-D


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