Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Maze -Armageddon -Rare US psych 1968

ALBUM: 1(A) ARMAGEDDON (MTA MTS 5012) 1969 NB: (1) counterfeited on vinyl in 1989 and reissued legitimately on CD(Sundazed SC 6060) 1995 with six previously unreleased tracks - a combination of outtakes from the album and earlier folk-rock offerings from 1967. From Fairfield, California, this band were previously known as Stone Henge, who in turn had evolved out of The Donnybrookes. Their album was produced by Larry Goldberg and Leo (De Gar) Kulka who operated out of Golden State Recorders in San Francisco. The album starts out with the melodramatic Armageddon which comprises most of Side One, the rest is taken up with the more melodic and laid back I'm So Sad.

The second side begins with the rather lightweight goodtime Happiness, but Whispering Shadows opens with some great discordant guitar work which gives away to some good group harmonies and Kissy Face also features some great vocals, Dejected Soul, with its sleepy vocals and fine fuzz guitar work, is among the album's finer moments. The final track, As For Now, seems to return to the more melodic, laid back style of I'm So Sad An album well worth tracking down. The Sundazed CD bonus cuts nclude two unreleased efforts from 1967 as by Stone Henge Compilation appearances have included: Whispering Shadows on Psychedelic Crown Jewels, Vol. 1 (CD); As For Now on Sundazed Sampler, Vol. 2 (CD); Kissy Face and Dejected Soul on Crystalize Your Mind (CD).(Vernon Joynson / Max Waller)


1. Armageddon 7:13
2. I'm So Sad 7:03
3. Happiness 2:08
4. Whispering Shadows 4:22
5. Kissy Face 3:05
6. Dejected Soul 2:32
7. As For Now 2:40

kissy kissy