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***Purple Overdose -Painting the Air (Greece 2004)-FANTASTIC recent Psych band -Rarities and unreleased tracks -SUPERB, SUPERB!!***

Purple Overdose - "Painting The Air"
(On Stage Records 2004, OSR005, LP)

Rarities and Unreleased

From Aural Innovations #29 (October 2004)

Based in Greece , Purple Overdose were one of the great Psychedelic bands of the past several years . Though disbanded for a couple years now , their manager , Stefanos Panagiotakis , enthusiastically pursued making available this vinyl only collection of rarities and unreleased tracks . The songs on " Painting The Air " were originally recorded in 1989 with the intention of comprising their second album , slated to be titled " Magic Forest " . Five of the songs later ended up , in different forms , on what ultimately became their second album , " Indigo " .

Long time Purple Overdose fans will be pleased to know that two of the tracks are unreleased . "Painting The Air" is classic Purple Overdose 60's inspired psychedelia , a heady mixture of trippy song and acidic instrumental . And " Still Ill " is a special treat , being one of the first ever recorded Purple Overdose songs , and featuring a guitar/bass/drums trio version of the band . It has the trademark Purple Overdose sound , but has more of a down ‘n dirty garage-psych feel , and includes an ultra trippy jam section . Excellent!undefined

" Sail On Your Wings " originally appeared on the volume 3 CD of the fanzine " The Thing " in 1996 , and was later included on the CD version of The Salmon's Trip Live . This track is a real highlight , featuring Purple Overdose at their most cosmic , with swirling guitars , a luscious 60's organ sound and a mind expanding atmospheric vibe . " 2008 Old View " is the B side of the bands only 7" single , and is an intense song with more classic 60's organ melody and cool shimmering trip guitars .

Those who own the album " Indigo " will of course recognize the 5 songs that appeared on that album - " Moonlight Sunshine " , " Cosmic Ladder " , " Rain Without Storm " , " Golden Eyes " and " Magic Forest " . Diehard fans with a taste for historical perspective will enjoy hearing these earlier versions of the songs . Most have a rawer sound and feel than the Indigo versions , which in some cases has a special charm of its own , having a cool trippy flower power vibe .

Tracklist :

Side One

01.Painting The Air
02.Still Ill
03.Sail On Your Wings
04.Moonlight Sunrise
05.Cosmic Ladder

Side Two

06.2008 Old View
07.Rain Without Storm
08.Golden Eyes
09.Magic Forest

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