Saturday, 13 November 2010

*****Ultimate Spinach -(S/T U.S 1967)- ESSENTIAL LISTENING!!******

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The Ultimate Spinach was a psychedelic band originally from Boston, composed of keyboardist/guitarist Ian Bruce-Douglas and singer Barbara Hudson.
"Ultimate Spinach" is the 1967 self-titled debut album by Ultimate Spinach and was released on the MGM Records label.The phenomenon of a "Boston Sound", (whose other top acts included The Beacon Street Union, also on MGM), was more a publicity stunt than a legitimate artistic movement, and the Bruce-Douglas version of the band tends to be remembered for its name.
On "Ultimate Spinach" the standout cuts are "(Ballad of) The Hip Death Goddess", with an instrumental interval for theremin (an early electronic instrument), feedback and reverberation, and the psychoanalytic folk-blues "Ego Trip" , the 4-part suite "Sacrifice of the Moon" as well as "Your Head Is Reeling" and the Frank Zappa-esque "Plastic Raincoats".
Their first album was reviled by the critics as phoney, now 40 years later it's getting some respect as an acid classic. In 2008 the English glossy magazine Classic Rock listed the 42 Greatest Psychedelic Albums. This album was Number 36, in there with Sgt Peppers, Axis Bold as Love, Disraeli Gears, etc.
Ian Bruce-Douglas: vocals, electric piano,organ,theremin,sitar
Barbara Hudson: vocals,electric guitar,kazoo
Keith Lahteinen: vocals,drums,tabla
Richard Nese: bass
Geoffrey Withrop: vocals,lead guitar,electric sitar

1.Ego Trip
2.Sacrifice of the Moon [In Four Parts]
3.Plastic Raincoating/Hung Up Minds
4.(Ballad of) The Hip Death Goddess
5.Your Head Is Reeling
6.Dove In Hawk's Clothing
7.Baroque #1
8.Funny Freak Parade

funny freak parade