Tuesday, 22 March 2011

***Philip Glass - Einstein on the Beach (1979) freaking nuts choral piece!!***

This is a bizarre and relentless
opera-as the surreal title implies, more dream than drama. The first train episode, over 20 minutes long, remains mind-blowing in its relentlessness. The impact is heightened by the vividness of the recording, with spoken voices in particular given such presence that they startled me as if someone had burst into the room. The vision remains an odd one, but with a formidable group of vocalists and instrumentalists brilliantly directed, often from the keyboard, by Michael Riesman, the recording certainly justifies itself. An opera in 4 parts for ensemble chorus soloists. The so called knee play of this much spoken about opera serves as a recurring motive throughout the piece reaching its emotional apex in the second half of knee play 5 with its lovely violin piece and transcendent poetry embellishing all that is true in the human heart.

***Psychelatte says: SO SORRY, I GAVE YOU WRONG LINK BEFORE, ONLY SMALL PART! Here is all of the whole mad thing!!