Sunday, 13 March 2011

***Philip Glass with the Kronos Quartet- Dracula Soundtrack - Completely manic & strung out stuff! RECOMMENDED!!***

It's no surprise that some of Philip Glass's most inspiring projects have been multimedia. The composer's minimalist tendencies lend themselves to the accompaniment of vast landscapes, silent films, and--now--Tod Browning's 1931 horror classic, Dracula. With longstanding collaborators the Kronos Quartet performing the score, Glass has created a soundtrack that moves with rapid-fire momentum and a timeless chamber-music feel. Dracula never sounds sinister or ironic, just ominous--the perfect companion to a film with plenty of dialogue but no pre-existing score. So what if we've already heard Glass's stylistic trademarks--striking arpeggios, repeated motifs, and the like--on any number of albums (for example, the Kronos/Glass soundtrack to Mishima or Uakti's 1999 release, Aguas de Amazonia)? Unlike the epic three and a half hours of Music in Twelve Parts, this enjoyable disc takes just over an hour and it's well worth hearing. In the new video release of Dracula, accompanied by Glass's score, you'll never see Bela Lugosi's mug the same way again. --Jason Verlinde


01. (1:15) Dracula
02. (0:43) Journey to the Inn 03. (3:24) The Inn
04. (1:17) The Crypt
05. (2:13) Carriage Without a Driver
06. (3:12) The Castle
07. (1:08) The Drawing Room 08. (2:48) "Excellent, Mr. Renfield"
09. (1:30) The Three Consorts of Dracula
10. (1:34) The Storm
11. (1:22) Horrible Tragedy
12. (1:17) London Fog
13. (2:50) In the Theatre
14. (2:23) Lucy's Bitten
15. (2:57) Seward Sanatorium 16. (2:56) Renfield
17. (1:31) In His Cell
18. (2:09) When the Dream Comes
19. (4:01) Dracula Enters
20. (4:40) Or a Wolf
21. (3:12) Women in White
22. (3:26) Renfield in the Drawing Room
23. (2:22) Dr. Van Helsing and Dracula
24. (4:41) Mina on the Terrace 25. (3:52) Mina's Bedroom / The Abbey
26. (4:06) The End of Dracula



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