Friday, 18 March 2011

*** Philip Glass -The Music of Candyman -UNMISSABLE GOTHIC, MESMERIC, SPOOKY ORGAN & CHOIR MASTERPIECE! *** Review

Philip Glass has never been what you'd call a prolific composer for film, but when the horror genre called, he answered immediately and in style. Although behind-the-scenes politics turned the first Candyman into something of a stalk-'n'-slash flick, the music does wonders for its faux mythological premise. The delicate "Music Box" motif which is in fact "Helen's Theme", is the central pivot of what is a cyclic tale of destiny. Revolving around upon itself, it perfectly characterises a legend foretold. Almost every other cue is dominated by chorus, who in chanting repetitively add weight to the sense of inescapable doom. Several other motifs swim around, such as the gorgeous "Floating Candyman", and then they're given resolution in "It Was Always You, Helen". It doesn't end there however, since the album then seamlessly blends into the few additional cues Glass was talked into providing for the inevitable sequel. Apart from some bold use of church organ, the best cue is "All Falls Apart" with its sit-up-and-take-notice beeping effect. Ending on a remix of "Helen's Theme", this is an extremely well-conceptualised album. Just don't look at the disc and say the name aloud five times... --Paul Tonks

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The Music of Candyman is a welcome release from the Glass back catalogue and is an example of one of the finest musical scores of the las 20 years. The film Candyman has a cult following and is a highly regarded work of filmic horror, much of this being down to the superb Glass score. Haunting piano melodies, ghostly choirs and some very gothic organs combine to create an intense sound once heard, never forgotten. This music has not been available previously and I would thoroughly recommend that you buy this, just don't listen alone!

01. Music Box
02. Cabrini Green
03. Helen's Theme
04. Face to Razor
05. Floating Candyman
06. Return to Cabrini
07. It Was Always You, Helen 08. Daniel's Flashback
09. The Slave Quarters
10. Annie's Theme
11. All Falls Apart
12. The Demise of Candyman 13. Reverend's Walk