Saturday, 31 March 2012

Enigma 1993 -The Cross of changes

Haunting, evocative, mysterious, and magnificent, Enigma's Cross of Changes offers nine musical explorations of sound and sensation that dazzle and amaze. The songs unfold in rolling waves, each more complex and richly layered than the last, yet each fully capable of standing alone as a musically satisfying experience. The standout track on this disc is "Return to Innocence", which combines Native American chanting, Celtic harmonies, and a deceptively simple lyric to devastating effect. At once esoteric and elemental, Cross of Changes is a fine example of the best the genre has to offer. --L.A. Smith

The Cross of Changes is a 1993 album by the musical project Enigma. It is Enigma's second album, following MCMXC a.D., released three years earlier.

The most notable song of the album is "Return to Innocence", which was released as a single and featured in several film soundtracks. A more rock-infused sound is present in The Cross of Changes, and the Gregorian chants from the previous album were replaced with ethnic-style world chants.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Second Chapter" Curly M.C. 2:16
2. "The Eyes of Truth" Curly 7:13
3. "Return to Innocence" Curly, Kuo Ying-nan, Kuo Hsiu-chu 4:17
4. "I Love You ... I'll Kill You" Curly, David Fairstein 8:51
5. "Silent Warrior" Curly 6:10
6. "The Dream of the Dolphin" Curly, Fairstein 2:47
7. "Age of Loneliness (Carly's Song)" Curly 5:22
8. "Out from the Deep" Curly 4:53
9. "The Cross of Changes" Curly 2:23

Total length: