Friday, 16 March 2012

***Nancy Priddy -You've Come This Way Before (uk 1968) gorgeous batty pop-psych!***

Musician and actress Nancy Priddy made her debut album, You've Come This Way Before, in 1968. She'd started out in the mid-60's, performing in Greenwich Village clubs with The Bitter End Singers and seemed uncertain whether to throw her energies into singing or acting but did come up with a classic album of 'psychedelic folk-jazz- pop' (my own ugly invention to describe what she did) which no one bought. Nancy dropped out of the music world in order to raise her daughter, the actress Christina Applegate, did some minor film and TV work but did come back in 2008 with an album called Christina's Carousel.


1. You've Come This Way Before
2. Ebony Glass
3. Mystic Lady
4. Christina's World
5. We Could Have It All
6. My Friend / Frank
7. Little Child
8. And Who Will You Be Then
9. On The Other Side
10. Epitaph