Tuesday, 13 March 2012

***Magna Canta - Gregorian Mystics -2 cd of Gregorian monks chanting in Latin to a dance beat! Great for Enigma fans!***

Note: this band made 5 albums including this one, but as this one includes all their songs you may as well forget the others..i dont believe the versions are any different either..great stuff anyway..

"Rhythms of sensual melodies com-bined with smooth euro style dance beats make this an ethereal trip hop groove based release that takes elements of world music, new age and dance music to a higher ground. Where past, future and dreamlike visions and voices of chant unveil spiritual hymns and angelic forces of light and dark opening a mystical world of beautiful experiences.

So wander into the world of Magna Canta and bathe in divine bliss and amazing stories of mist filled skies and silvery moon filled evenings as they embrace fellow travelers in an angelic realm of magic and mystery." (

"This is very well-done, blending beats and electronica with beautiful gregorian chanting. Exactly what I was looking for! It's darker, moodier and more varied than Enigma. Better in my opinion." (

Track Listings

1. Hymn
2. Aethera Et Terra
3. Silentium
4. Ritmo
5. Offizium
6. Agnus Dei
7. Gregoria
8. Alleluia
9. Recordare
10. Cantandus
11. Spiritus Sanctus
12. Sancta Maria
13. Pater Noster
14. In Excelsiss Deo
15. Hiawari
16. Lux Lucies
17. Sanctum Chritie
18. Credo
19. Russia
20. Kyrie
21. Close To Heaven
22. Celestia Organa
23. Sequentia
24. Hymn ‹