Tuesday, 7 February 2012

***Andy Votel and Jane Weaver -Europium Alluminate Mix -spooky childlike female vocals!***

This video doesn't i think depict music from the mix, but it does depict its strangeness and surreal charm..
Andy Votel and Jane Weaver have brewed a magical blend of spectral, eldritch, female-centric folk called Europium Alluminate. Its tracklist (damnably AWOL, as is common with many Votel-helmed mixes) emanates from a time when irony in music was mostly unconscionable. The prevalent doe-eyed sincerity is positively touching and the gentle sonic strangeness utterly

Vague tracklist, from what i managed to 'Shazam'!!:-

*Pearl's Dream (from b/w old film Night of the Hunter)

*My name is Nobody -Ennio Morricone from ??

*Say your prayers -Dot -From comp lp 'Everything you ever wanted to know about Twisted Nerve but were Afraid to Ask'

*Turning in Circles -Jane Weaver from'The Fallen By Watch Bird'

*Valzerino del Nonno -Carlo Savina & Orchestra- from 'Giulietta Degli Spiriti'

*Noctilumina - Jane Weaver- Fallen by Watch Bird

*Lilith -singing in the Dark -Bruno Spoerri - 'Glucksgugel'

*Prinderella -The Holy Mackerel -The Holy Mackerel

*Est-ce que tu -Dusty Trails -'Dusty Trails'

*Magic Man -Heart - 'Dreamboat Annie'

*March of the Siamese Children -Martin Denny -' the Exotic Sounds of Martin Denny'

*Rosemary's Party - Urszula Dudziak -Rosemary's Baby OST

*Tape-Tape-Tape - Jeanne Marie Sens -Dirty French Psychedelics

*H.i.a - Horrific Child - 'Letrange Mr Whinster'

*Jay -Grace Slick -'Manhole'

*Silver Chord -Jane Weaver -the Fallen by Watch Bird

..some of these are definites, some not so much, and there is still much good bits i couldnt tag at all... Never mind!