Tuesday, 7 February 2012

***Andy Votel (various artists) Vintage Voltage -Global Robotic Rock***

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Volume 4 of Andy Votel's Fat City Mix CDs, this is another trawl through his global record collection. Whilst the previous three volumes have been mostly of the psych variety, the focus here is on electronic, synth driven pop and rock. Featuring cuts from 72 songs crammed into 78 minutes, there is no one except Votel that could conceive and pull something like this off - it's both audacious and bold but, like the previous volumes, it works perfectly.

Krautrock, Electro-Pop, Library and just about just about every known other-wordly genre - even Bollywood - have been cherry picked for obscure robotic and electronic sounds. It's seamlessly mixed and there is never a dull moment. As usual there's no track list and casual listeners will be hard pushed to name more than a few tracks - Votel does not deal in mainstream music.

Shazam says:

Zodiac ЗОДИАК (zodiac) (russian band)
Toc -tom ze -"estudando o samba" 1976
Robot - Plastics (Japan) - "forever plastico"
@37:21-40:40 -Guitar El Chark -Omar Khorshid -"Rhythms from the Orient" OR "Guitar El Chark" compilation ( <- ON THIS BLOG!!)
Jumping balls -klaus Weiss - Colours of Funk (Various artists)
Medley: Transfert I/Hypnos/Transfert II -Libra -The Shock OST (1970's)
Olamam ki -Gyzin ile Baha
The Pleasure - Metal Boys
La Porta Chiusa -Le Orme (first lp)(ON THIS BLOG!!)