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***Los Jaivas -Alturas De Macchu Picchu (Chile prog-folk,1981)- A celebrated classic***

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What would it sound like if you combined symphonic prog with Andean folk influences? Well, "Alturas De Macchu Picchu" by Los JAIVAS answers that question. This album is an incredible find for anyone who enjoys both progressive rock and traditional Peruvian, and Chilean, folk music. If you can imagine electric guitars, bass, drums, piano, and the Moog interacting with instruments like the cuatro, quena, and zamponia then you're in for a treat. "Alturas..." combines epic-length symphonic prog tracks, with shorter traditional Andean songs. In my opinion, the keyboardist really stands out when playing acoustic piano. He tends to mix pentatonic-based melodies with local rhythms, yet those melodies sound closer to Chinese classical folk more than American blues, or Eastern European folk. His style is unique in the world of rock. The other musicians are equally impressive, but I think most listeners will focus in on the excellent vocals. Anyway, this is one of the top 5 prog rock albums to come out of South America.*****

1. Del aire al aire (Alberto Ledo) (2:16)
2. La poderosa muerte (Los Jaivas - Pablo Neruda) (11:12)
3. Amor americano (Los Jaivas - Pablo Neruda) (5:28)
4. Aguila sideral (Los Jaivas - Pablo Neruda) (5:22)
5. Antigua America (Los Jaivas - Pablo Neruda) (5:38)
6. Sube a nacer conmigo hermano (Los Jaivas - Pablo Neruda) (4:46)
7. Final (Los Jaivas - Pablo Neruda) (2:43)

Line-up / Musicians

- Gato Alquinta / lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, cuarto, zampoña, quena, ocarina
- Mario Mutis / bass, electric guitar, zampoña, quena, vocals
- Eduardo Parra / electric piano, Mini-Moog, tarka
- Claudio Parra / grand and electric piano, mini-Moog, harpsichord
- Gabriel Parra / drums, percussion, xylophone, trutrucas, tarka, vocals

Guest musicians:
- Alberto Ledo / all instruments (1)
- Patricio Castillo / quena (4), tarka (5)



Arlee Bird said...

This one sounds way cool.

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Mikhail said...

As a Chilean living in Canada I commend your taste. This to me was always the pinacle of the rock/traditional experience in Latin America. Not only did it have the best lyricist ever in Pablo Neruda but the music seemed to capture the beauty and energy of their musical intent. One of the most fantastic songs ever in the history of rock or anything for that matter is "La Poderosa Muerte" the most epic tune I could imagine.